A Mother's Parting Gift

Fertile Mind Divination Card: A Mother’s Parting Gift

Fertile Mind is a unique Cobalt Jewel. A Mother’s Parting Gift is a divination card.

  • 6x A Mother’s Parting Gift = 1x Fertile Mind

A Mother’s Parting Gift was created by supporter Fartjoke as a tribute to his recently deceased mother. The art is based off a picture of Fartjoke’s mother and involves a multitude of things his mother adored. Fartjoke used a poem about his mother as the flavor text.

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A Mother's Parting Gift

A Mother’s Parting Gift Drop Location

The Imperial Gardens • The High Gardens

The Imperial Gardens:

The Imperial Gardens is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Ebony Barracks, The Library, and The Sceptre of God.

A paved road runs from The Ebony Barracks to the waypoint, where it forks into a left path leading to The Library and a right path leading to The Sceptre of God. The roads are sometimes blocked by piles of rubble, forcing you into the garden area, but these can be crossed with Leap Slamor Lightning Warp.

The Chitus’ Plum and a Trial of Ascendancy are located in this area.

The High Gardens:

The High Gardens is an area in Act 8 attached to The Bath House. It is a long road without branches located on the side of a cliff. At the end there is a small area called The Pools of Terror where Yugul can be found. The area layout was based on Module Error: Item link: No results found for search parameter “High Gardens Map (Atlas of Worlds)”. what was introduced to the game before version 3.0.0 update.

“A Mother’s Parting Gift” in Maps?

Hello everyone.

In playing this game, I need more fertile heart jewelry than I do. I read that I could get a divination card “mother’s gift.”. According to the game encyclopedia, it can only be dropped during battles, not on maps. Can anyone confirm? Or someone else?

I think I found one on the map, but I don’t remember whether it was in the Bligh encounter or in the “normal” map.

Thank you first.

It’s a 1C gem. It takes six cards for one, but to answer your questions, wikis are usually accurate and only list the actual gardens (act 3) and the high gardens (act 8).