Wrath Classic Against the Giants (Alliance)

Against the Giants (Alliance)

TypeGroup 3
World questNo
Experience27550 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
PreviousPoke and Prod
NextBasic Chemistry

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Thassarian on the Skybreaker wants you to bring him 5 Pustulent Spines from the Pustulent Horrors on Mord'rethar.

  •  [Pustulant Spine] (5)


While it's going to be crucial to defeat the Scourge on the ground, we mustn't neglect the gate itself.

The flesh giants on the ramparts are capable of hurling massive boulders and chunks of ice, inflicting devastating damage to enemy infantry below.

Muster a force and defeat these giants. We need to know just what we're up against in terms of their strength.

Oh... and bring me their spines. If memory serves, there's a little trick I can share with you.


Any success against the giants, <race>?


Excellent. These look to be usable samples.

Time again to use the enemy's strength against them....


The giants have 67k HP, some of them are not kitable. Grouping up is recommended as the quest items are group loot. They are soloable by a class with damage absorpstion abilities, such as a Death Knight in Frost Presence with some Heroic/Quest gear.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] ...All the Help We Can Get.
  2.  [80] Poke and Prod
    •  [80] That's Abominable! (Daily version)
  3.  [80G3] Against the Giants
    •  [80G5] Coprous the Defiled
  4.  [80G5] Basic Chemistry (Daily version)