Aion Classic Crafting Consumables Guide

Crafting consumables in Aion Classic is a vital aspect of gameplay, providing players with potions, scrolls, food, and other items that enhance performance and survivability. This guide will cover the essential consumables, the crafting professions required, and tips to efficiently produce and utilize these items.

Essential Consumables

  1. Potions

    • Healing Potions: Restore health instantly.
    • Mana Potions: Restore mana instantly.
    • Recovery Serums: Provide a larger, instant boost to health or mana.
    • Required Profession: Alchemy
  2. Scrolls

    • Buff Scrolls: Enhance stats such as attack speed, movement speed, and defense.
    • Teleport Scrolls: Allow instant travel to specific locations.
    • Required Profession: Alchemy
  3. Food and Drink

    • Health Food: Provides health regeneration over time.
    • Mana Food: Provides mana regeneration over time.
    • Buff Food: Grants temporary stat boosts (e.g., increased critical strike, enhanced physical or magical damage).
    • Required Profession: Cooking
  4. Manastones and Enchantments

    • Manastones: Increase specific stats when socketed into gear.
    • Enchanting Stones: Enhance the overall level and power of gear.
    • Required Profession: Alchemy (for morphing materials)

Crafting Professions

Crafting high-demand gear and selling it for Aion Classic Kinah can be very profitable.

  1. Alchemy

    • Focus: Potions, scrolls, manastones, enchanting stones.
    • Benefits: Versatile profession with high demand for consumables in both PvE and PvP.
    • Leveling Tips: Start with basic potions and scrolls, then move to more advanced items as your skill increases. Gather materials from essencetapping and aethertapping.
  2. Cooking

    • Focus: Food and drink items.
    • Benefits: Essential for sustained combat and performance buffs.
    • Leveling Tips: Collect ingredients from mobs and gathering nodes. Focus on crafting food that provides the most benefit for your class and playstyle.

Gathering Materials

  1. Essencetapping

    • Gather herbs, ores, and essences used in alchemy.
    • Key Materials: Azpha, Ervio, Bacora, etc.
  2. Aethertapping

    • Collect aether from floating nodes for alchemy.
    • Key Materials: Pure Aether, Greater Aether, Brilliant Aether.
  3. Collecting Ingredients

    • Gather food ingredients from mobs, plants, and nodes.
    • Key Materials: Meat, vegetables, spices, etc.

Tips for Efficient Crafting

  1. Plan Ahead: Gather materials in advance and keep a stockpile to avoid interruptions in crafting.
  2. Use Boosts: Utilize crafting boost items to increase your success rate and speed.
  3. Market Awareness: Keep an eye on the broker for cheap materials and high-demand consumables.
  4. Daily Quests: Complete crafting daily quests for additional experience and rewards.
  5. Guild and Community: Join a crafting guild or community to share materials, recipes, and tips.

Utilizing Consumables

  1. PvE

    • Healing and Mana Potions: Essential for dungeons, instances, and challenging PvE content.
    • Buff Scrolls and Food: Enhance your stats for better performance in battles and quests.
  2. PvP

    • Instant Potions: Quick health and mana recovery during intense PvP battles.
    • Speed and Defense Scrolls: Increase your survivability and effectiveness in PvP encounters.
    • Buff Food: Gain an edge with temporary stat boosts tailored to your class.

Conclusion Crafting consumables in Aion Classic is a rewarding endeavor that supports both PvE and PvP activities. By mastering alchemy and cooking, efficiently gathering materials, and utilizing consumables wisely, you can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and become a valuable asset to your faction.

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