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Making Aion Kinah Guides
since I've quit, my secret was tailoring white leather armor for the express purpose of selling to the vendor. When mat prices are right, you make anywhere from 30-90% if it procs compared to what you spend. I've been doing it since january, lightly then but heavily up until my alts loaded with money got trapped on other servers with mats they were bringing back to me. 

I made in the neighborhood of 60-70m kinah in about 5 months. When you get enough kinah I'm sure there's other money making games to play, like crafting gold 50 weapons and DEing them to sell stones. Just like in real life, when you have money it makes it infinitely easier to make MORE money. I started with about 300k, pretty poor, and I bought all the mats that I could afford to squeak out the bits of profit i could... once I got above 5 million I was buying stacks of 1000 rawhide at a time... and above 15m I was buying up to 10000 rawhides a week... depending on availability. 

I would drop about 3m on mats each buy or whenever I saw them in a set price range and turn it around in the hours that I wasn't playing, so when I went to bed, I'd leave it crafting to maximize the amount of cash I was making. The 3 would turn into a return of 7-8 after everything was sold off to the vendor and rinse repeat. 

It's harder now since aether is so expensive you have to waste time gathering it, but you do make a lot more if you don't have to pay for aether. I was doing it so much I made an excel spreadsheet to plug in mat prices to tell me exactly how much I made. But when I started my mission statement was to make kinah without having to spend playing time to do it. Which meant it had to be profitable even if I were to buy 100% of the mats used and didn't have to depend on fluctuating prices that players would try to rip you off for. 

Paid for pretty much 1.5 attempts at my pants and a lot of gear and upgrades, and then lately, would've paid for another 2 attempts if they hadn't locked out transfers. I was going to get 130 stains back from my alts who were out shopping on other servers... and of course, another 7000 or so rawhides. With spending about 6 hours total this past weekend gathering aether, I was able to go from 3m kinah to 15m just this weekend, just in craft to vendor. 

There's money to be made if you do the legwork, mainly to set up the spreadsheet to find out what is profitable. Also depends on what is available on the server... rawhide has been scarce of late... on all 5 servers... that's even without me buying it all up. :P
Aion Kinah Farming Tips

When I hit level 25 and finished my Abyss access chain quest, My aion character was undergeared, I had no stigmas and no aion kinah to buy any, and the opposite faction players took me out in a few hits. Since everything was expensive and I had only a couple of thousands in my cube, I knew it was time to dig up a few ways to earn some decent in-game virtual currency This aion kinah guide has taught me quite a few excellent methods to make huge amounts of Kinah.

1.Try to find first a NPC that gives a repeatable [Coin] quest. Killing the mobs for that quest you will get nice loot, junk loot for the vendor that usually sells for nice amounts of Kinah and also the quest Kinah bonus.

2.Are you going to grind in one of the areas within the Abyss, try to find a spot with Balaur mobs? They usually have a nice loot table, they drop Kinah as well, and they also give Abyss Points.

3. However, if you can't find a [Coin] quest or just don't want to look for one, and if you're not in the Abyss, find a spot with mobs that drop expensive Stigmas. There are stigmas in Aion that can be sold for over 1 million aion kinah.

4. Always bring consumables when grinding. It's important to kill as many mobs as you can, as fast as you can. The more you kill, the higher chances for "goodies" to drop. With enough aion kinah in the game, you will do fast to level up your aion weapons.

5. Be sure to always auction your Aion items at the lowest Trade Broker price. Don't set the price too low because that can generate a price drop for the goods you sell in Aion.

The above useful aion kinah tips will be useful if you want to make some decent Kinah in Aion Online. This aion kinah guide has shown me plenty of methods and spots so that I can always keep a high and constant cash-flow on my characters.

Though you may hear it referred to by many names, Kinah is the name of the currency of Ateria. Even after the Cataclysm both Asmodians and Elyos retained this common name for their monetary systems.

Fangs for the Kinah

Heiron - Arbolu's Haven
Quest Level

Level 40 
Req. Level 40
XP : 348100
Kinah : 4200
Related Quest
Quest Objectives

Big Kinah

Verteron - Verteron Citadel
Quest Level

Level 18 
Req. Level 18
XP : 45,000
Related Quest
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