PoE Akil's Prophecy

Fated Unique Item Divination Card: Akil’s Prophecy

Akil’s Prophecy is a divination card. A set of three can be exchanged for a random prophecy which upgrades a unique item into a fated item.

  • 3x Akil’s Prophecy = Randomx Fated Unique Item

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Akil's Prophecy

Akil’s Prophecy Drop Location

The farming location is random. The drop rate is equal to any normal PoE currency.

Has anyone found where divination card Akil’s Prophecy drops?

I’ve found 1 of these cards during blight, and I’m fairly confident that it was from div card chest, so no real clues here.

I’ve found a bunch (about 5 I think) from prophecy blight sacs, and none outside of that.

I’ve had a few drops. I don’t know fully correctly but it may be that it can drop in most maps. maybe?
You should never believe the wiki is infallible. It often is erroneous and depends on the community to be kept up-to-date.

Akil’s Prophecy is not giving the unique, but the prophecy?

The text of the card is in purple.
There are no uniques with purple text.
It’s consistent in the regard all cards have the color of the type of item they give, meaning this card only gives prophecies.

It may just be a bad name to give the class of items this card drops, but the card itself seems to clearly give a prophecy.

I’d just chalk it up to “fated unique item” being a bad name for an item class.
They probably don’t want that common of a card to be able to drop Atziri’s mirror or the god tier Omega super chase unique the iron fortress.

Fated item

Fated items are upgraded versions of existing unique items. Some prophecies will require the player to have a certain unique item in their inventory in order to complete them. When the prophecy is fulfilled, that item will be permanently imbued with new power and a new name. Fated items cannot be obtained through random drop, divination cards, or an Orb of Chance. Sockets of the fated unique stay unchanged. Identical modifiers will keep the same roll for the fated version. New or changed modifiers are rolled separately.

Only one item may be upgraded to a fated item from a single prophecy. Having multiple copies of the target unique in the inventory does not cause all of them to be upgraded, just one.

Items with alternate artwork cannot be upgraded to fated items.

Corrupted items cannot be upgraded to fated items.

List of fated items

  • Amplification Rod
  • Asenath’s Chant
  • Atziri’s Reflection
  • Cameria’s Avarice
  • Chaber Cairn
  • Corona Solaris
  • Cragfall
  • Crystal Vault
  • Death’s Opus
  • Deidbellow
  • Doedre’s Malevolence
  • Doomfletch’s Prism
  • Dreadbeak
  • Dreadsurge
  • Duskblight
  • Ezomyte Hold
  • Fox’s Fortune
  • Frostferno
  • Geofri’s Devotion
  • Geofri’s Legacy
  • Greedtrap
  • Hrimburn
  • Hrimnor’s Dirge
  • Hyrri’s Demise
  • Kaltensoul
  • Kaom’s Way
  • Karui Charge
  • Malachai’s Awakening
  • Martyr’s Crown
  • Mirebough
  • Ngamahu Tiki
  • Panquetzaliztli
  • Queen’s Escape
  • Realm Ender
  • Sanguine Gambol
  • Shavronne’s Gambit
  • Silverbough
  • Sunspite
  • The Cauteriser
  • The Dancing Duo
  • The Effigon
  • The Gryphon
  • The Iron Fortress
  • The Nomad
  • The Oak
  • The Signal Fire
  • The Stormwall
  • The Tactician
  • The Tempest
  • Thirst for Horrors
  • Timetwist
  • Voidheart
  • Wall of Brambles
  • Whakatutuki o Matua
  • Wildwrap
  • Windshriek
  • Winterweave