World of Warcraft Alchemy Potions

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Alchemists in the World of Warcraft can learn the art of brewing potions as one of their trade skill specializations. Players who wish to have their alchemy characters choose a different specialization for the trade skill can choose from transmutation or elixirs. Players who chose to specialize in the art of brewing potions need to head to the Outlands and complete a simple quest.

Prerequisites for the Alchemy Potions Specialization

A player must have the World of Warcraft expansion the Burning Crusade installed before he can learn the potions. The character must also have an alchemy skill of 300 or more and be level 68 or higher.

The Alliance and Horde Potions Quest

Horde and Alliance characters will visit the same NPC to start and finish this quest. Unlike similar trade skill specialization quests, the quest is the same for both factions. Although the NPC who gives the quest is a Night Elf, she is not a member of the Darnassus faction. Before completing the quest, the quest giver will warn a character that by choosing to specialize in potions the character may not pick another specialization. Once the character has accepted the quest, the alchemist character must gather the following items.

  • 1 Botanist's Field Guide
  • 5 Super Healing Potions
  • 5 Major Dreamless Sleep Potions

All but the first one on this list needed for the potions quest may be made by the alchemist or pruchased from an Auction House. The Botanist's Field must be obtained by visiting High Botanist Freywinn in Tempest Keep.

Alchemy Potions Specialization Consideration

Specializations in World of Warcraft are not usually chosen because they are profitable, but rather the character can benefit the most from a certain branch of any trade skill. All alchemy specializations recipes have a chance of a recipe being discovered by the character who uses them. When a character discovers a recipe through this process the recipe is automatically added to the list of alchemy items the character can make.

According to the World of Warcraft Wiki, the chance that any given use of potions, elixirs, or transmutation will produce an extra item is between 10-25%, with a chance of the next item having the same chance of producing an additional item. The process can happen up to four times so 5 items may be created with any use of a potions recipe.