Can I See A List of All the New Sunwell WoW Classic Daily Quests

I’m really excited about the new Sunwell patch 2.4. One thing that would make it easier on me and probably a lot of other people as well is a complete list of all the daily quests for the new Sunwell area.

The new patch has been out almost an entire week so far and really has been a lot of fun to do some of these daily quests (not to mention a whole lot more gold after doing these). For you I will list the Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests and their rewards.

Just keep in mind while looking over this list that all these quests can be completed by the Horde and Alliance and also that some of these may not have been opened up yet on your server. I will also sort them by the different Shattered Sun Offensive areas that store the quests as well.

You may also want to note that many of these quests have 2 names. Either after the specific phases are done or after you complete the quests for the first time will change the quest name.

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Phase 1: Shattered Sun Staging Area

  • Erratic Behavior / Further Conversions – Rewards 9g10s and +150 reputation
  • The Sanctum Wards / Arm The Wards! – Rewards 9g10s and +150 reputation

Phase 2: Sun’s Reach Sanctum

  • The Battle for the Sun’s Reach Armory / The Battle Must Go On – Rewards 10g10s and +250 reputation
  • Distraction at the Dead Scar / The Air Strikes Must Continue – Rewards 9g10s and +150 reputation
  • Intercepting the Mana Cells / Maintaining the Sunwell Portal (This quest is picked up in Shattrath City) – Rewards 10g10s, [Shattered Sun Supplies] and +250 reputation
  • Know Your Ley Lines – Rewards 11g99s, [Darnarian’s Scroll of Teleportation], and +250 reputation
    NOTE: This quest opens up after the Sunwell Portal in Shattrath City becomes open.

Phase 3: Sun’s Reach Armory

  • Intercept the Reinforcements / Keeping the Enemy at Bay – Rewards 11g99s and +250 reputation
  • Taking the Harbor / Crush the Dawnblade – Rewards 11g99s and +250 reputation
  • Making Ready / Don’t Stop Now…. – Rewards 11g99s and +250 reputation
  • Ata’mal Armaments – Rewards 18g28s, [Blessed Weapon Coating] or [Righteous Weapon Coating] and +350 reputation

Phase 4: Sun’s Reach Harbor

  • A Charitable Donation / Your Continued Support – Rewards +150 reputation
  • Disrupt the Greengill Coast – Rewards 11g99s and +250 reputation
  • Discovering Your Roots / Rediscovering Your Roots – Rewards 9g10s, [Shattered Sun Supplies], and +350 reputation
  • Open for Business – Rewards 10g10s and +250 reputation

There is the list of all the different daily quests and what phases you can get access to them at and the quest rewards.

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