Alliance Hellfire Peninsula


So you’ve picked up The Burning Crusade and you’re ready to dig in to the months of content ahead. But first thing’s first: you need to level to make your way to the top. To do this, the expansion returns to its roots – quests, quests, and more quests. This is where hopefully, I can offer a bit of insight with this guide, and expedite your leveling so you get the most out of your playing time. There is an enormous amount of content put into the expansion, and we’ll begin with Hellfire Peninsula – your first trek into the post-60 game of World of Warcraft.

There are some things you’ll want to pick up before stepping through The Dark Portal, if you want to save time in a level or two, so make sure to stop by Nethergarde Keep in Blasted Lands. Here you’ll want to purchase Nethergarde Bitter, as it’s used in a quest in Hellfire Peninsula. To do so, make your way to Nethergarde Keep – when entering from the main gate, you’ll want to enter the barracks on the left. Take a left inside and you’ll come to Bernie Heisten – the Food and Drink merchant – who sells Nethergarde Bitter for 18 silver each. You’ll only need one, so once you have that, it’s off to The Dark Portal. Head south in Blasted Lands until you reach The Dark Portal. Prior to stepping through, you’ll notice a quest available to you from Watch Commander Relthorn Netherwane – Through the Dark Portal. Grab this quest, as it’s a simple quest to visit Commander Duron on the other side of the portal, gives decent reputation and experience, and will lead you to your first quests in Outland.

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Once you have this quest, it’s time to step through The Dark Portal. Once through, take a moment to look over your surroundings. You’ll see that you’re on what’s called The Stair of Destiny, and around you is an ongoing battle between the combined Alliance and Horde forces and The Burning Legion. At the steps just below you is Commander Duron – visit him to turn in your quest and get the next step. Now you’re given a quest – Arrival in Outland – which asks you to talk with Amish Wildhammer, the gryphon master at The Stair of Destiny. You can find him off to the left of Commander Duron, a bit away from the action at the portal. Go see him to turn in this quest and receive the followup – Journey to Honor Hold – which is to take a gryphon to Honor Hold and speak with Marshal Isildor. You start off with this basic flight path, so simply accept your quest, interract with Amish Wildhammer again to purchase your gryphon flight, and off you go to Honor Hold! When you land in Honor Hold, you won’t have to look far to find Marshal Isildor – he should be standing right in front of you. Speak with him to turn in your quest and receive the next step, called Force Commander Danath. This quest is simple, and has you visit Force Commander Danath Trollbane, who can be found upstairs in the barracks in Honor Hold.

Once you turn in this quest, it opens up two new quests to visit NPC’s in Hellfire Peninsula. Now that you’re in Honor Hold, allow me to detail the various quest hubs in Hellfire Peninsula. There are two major quest hubs – Honor Hold and Temple of Telhamat – and several “mini-hubs” which mostly only offer quests. Honor Hold and Temple of Telhamat, however, have Inns, various profession trainers, all sorts of merchants, and of course the quests that will send you on your way to level 70.

Honor Hold

Honor Hold is the base of opperations for alliance forces in Hellfire Peninsula. This will be your first stop in your journey through Outland. It’s highly advised that you take a look around Honor Hold prior to venturing out on your leveling spree, to become familiar with where all the NPC’s you’ll need for your professions and such are located. Completing quests here will increase your reputation with Honor Hold.

Basic Amenities

  • Inn
  • Mailbox
  • Stable Master
  • Flight Path
  • Reagents and Poison Supplies
  • Alchemy Trainer and Supplies
  • Blacksmithing Trainer and Supplies
  • Cooking Trainer and Supplies
  • Engineering Trainer and Supplies
  • Herbalism Trainer
  • Jewelcrafting Trainer and Supplies
  • Leatherworking Trainer and Supplies
  • Mining Trainer
  • Tailoring Trainer and Supplies
  • Skinning Trainer

Notable NPC’s

Honor Hold Inn

  • Innkeeper Sid Limbardi – Sid Limbardi is the innkeeper at Honor Hold – speak with him to set your hearth point here. He also sells food and drink, as well as Recipe: Ravager Dog.
  • Jelena Nightsky – Skinning – Jelena Nightsky is the Skinning trainer in Honor Hold. She can train you in any of the various levels of Skinning, including Master Skinning, which raises your skill maximum to 375.
  • Tatiana – Jewelcrafting – Tatiana is the Jewelcrafting trainer in Honor Hold. She can teach you Master Jewelcrafting, which raises your skill maximum to 375. She also sells the basic supplies needed in the Jewelcrafting profession.
  • Hama – Tailoring – Hama is the Tailoring trainer in Honor Hold. She can teach you Master Tailoring, which raises your skill maximum to 375.
  • Gaston – Cooking – Gaston is the chef of Honor Hold who sells the Master Cookbook. This is an on use item which raises your skill maximum to 375 in the Cooking skill.
  • Brumman – Leatherworking – Brumman is the Leatherworking trainer in Honor Hold. He can teach you Master Leatherworking, which raises your skill maximum to 375. Brumman isn’t actually in the Inn, he’s around to the left outside, if facing the entrance to the Inn.
  • Markus Scylan – Markus Scylan is the Honor Hold gem merchant. Seek him out if you’re looking to purchase gems to socket your items. Beware though, that he only sells common quality(white) gems which should only be used if you can’t find a jewelcrafter to make gems for you.

Honor Hold Mage Tower

  • Alchemist Gribble – Alchemy – Alchemist Gribble is the Alchemy trainer in Honor Hold. He can teach you Master Alchemy, which raises your skill maximum to 375. Additionally, Alchemist Gribble sells a limited supply of Recipe: Elixir of Camouflage.
  • Rorelien – Herbalism – Rorelien is the Herbalism trainer in Honor Hold. She can train you in any of the various levels of Herbalism, including Master Herb Gathering, which raises your skill maximum to 375.
  • Johan Barnes – Enchanting – Johan Barnes is the Enchanting trainer in Honor Hold. He can teach you Master Enchanting, which raises your skill maximum to 375.

Honor Hold Barracks

  • Lebowski – Engineering – Lebowski is the Engineering trainer in Honor Hold. He can teach you Master Engineering, which raises your skill maximum to 375. You can find Lebowski just outside of the barracks, to the right, when facing them.

Honor Hold Smithy

  • Humphry – Blacksmithing – Humphry is the Blacksmithing trainer in Honor Hold. He can teach you Master Blacksmithing, which raises your skill maximum to 375.
  • Hurnak Grimmord – Mining – Hurnak Grimmord is the Mining trainer in Honor Hold. He can train you in any of the various levels of Mining, including Master Mining, which raises your skill maximum to 375.

Other notable NPC’s

  • Force Commander Danath Trollbane – Many will remember Danath Trollbane from Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal. Danath has made Honor Hold his home as he oversees the Alliance front in the war against The Burning Legion. Danath is the final step in several quests, and offers several others which deal with the Fel Orcs and Hellfire Citadel.
  • Logistics Officer Ulrike – Logistics Officer Ulrike is the reputation merchant for Honor Hold reputation. You can find all sorts of goods for sale from her, ranging from profession recipes to food and drink, and even several Rare and Epic quality items.
  • Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell – Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell is the PvP merchant where you can redeem your Marks of Honor Hold – obtained by defeating players in PvP combat near the world PvP objectives in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh – for various items, ranging from gems to place in sockets, to rings, and even a consumable item which increases experience and reputation gained while in Hellfire Peninsula and Hellfire Citadel.
  • Flightmaster Krill Bitterhue – Krill Bitterhue is the gryphon master at Honor Hold. You can find her outside of the Inn.
  • Master Sergeant Lorin Thalmerok – Lorin Thalmerok is the stable master at Honor Hold. She can be found outside of the Inn, at the human stables.

Limited Supply Items

  • Recipe: Elixir of Camouflage – You can find this recipe sold by Alchemist Gribble.

Temple of Telhamat

The Temple of Telhamat is an alliance outpost, though the NPC’s here are primarily on Exodar reputation. Competing quests here will increase your reputation with Exodar.

Basic Amenities

  • Inn
  • Mailbox
  • Flight Path
  • Reagents
  • Repairs
  • First Aid Trainer

Notable NPC’s

  • Caregiver Ophera Windfury – This is the innkeeper at Temple of Telhamat. Speak with her to set your hearth point to this location. She also sells food and drink, as well as limited supply 20-slot profession bags for mining, engineering, jewelcrafting, and enchanting.
  • Talaara – Talaara is a weapon merchant who can repair, so making note of her location will be a good idea after a long day’s questing is done.
  • Vodesiin – Vodesiin is the reagent merchant at Temple of Telhamat. He also sells a limited supply of Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod.
  • Burko – First Aid – Burko is the First Aid merchant in Temple of Telhamat. He sells the Master First Aid book, which raises your skill maximum to 375, as well as books to create Netherweave and Heavy Neatherweave bandages. You can find Burko in a small hut on the second level of the temple.
  • Kuma – Kuma is who you’ll want to see to open up the flight path to Temple of Telhamat. This will make travelling between Honor Hold and the temple much quicker. You can find Kuma on the same level of the temple as the Inn, at the eastern-most point at Temple of Telhamat.

Limited Supply Items

  • Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod – You can find this recipe sold by Vodesiin.
  • Enchanter’s Satchel – You can find this 20-slot enchanting bag sold by Caregiver Ophera Windfury.
  • Mining Sack – You can find this 20-slot mining bag sold by Caregiver Ophera Windfury.
  • Gem Pouch – You can find this 20-slot gem bag sold by Caregiver Ophera Windfury.
  • Heavy Toolbox – You can find this 20-slot engineering bag sold by Caregiver Ophera Windfury.


The mini-hubs in Hellfire Peninsula are as follows: Expedition Point, Zeppelin Crash, The Longbeards, and Cenarion Post. You can see a layout of the hubs on the Hellfire Peninsula Quest Hub Map, with each quest hub and mini-hub marked using an easily discernable color-coded legend in the upper right-hand corner of the map.

Hellfire Peninsula Quest Overview

Now that you’ve taken a look at the quest hub map and become accustomed to the locations of all of the specific hubs, and have a bit of understanding of where to go for which important profession NPC’s in the area, let’s take a closer look at the locations where quests take place. Here is another map image of Hellfire Peninsula – the Hellfire Quest Location Map. This map should be fairly simple to pick up on – the legend tells what each set of initials stand for – each being an abbreviation for a quest hub in Hellfire Peninsula. The blue dots are locations where specific quests take place, with the black line leading outside of the map to the names of the quests that take place there. As you can see, the quest names also have the abbreviated quest hub in brackets to the right of the name – this is where that quest is obtained. With the use of this map, in addition to the quest hub location map, it should make things much easier when planning your quests.

Gathering Profession Information

This list is designed to share information on which herbs, minerals, and fish are available in Hellfire Peninsula, to help you on your path to skilling up your desired gathering profession.


  • Fel Iron Deposit – Requires 300 Mining
  • Khorium Vein – Requires 375 Mining


  • Golden Sansam – Requires 260 Herbalism
  • Dreamfoil – Requires 270 Herbalism
  • Mountain Silversage – Requires 280 Herbalism
  • Felweed – Requires 300 Herbalism
  • Dreaming Glory – Requires 315 Herbalism


There are no known fish found in Hellfire Peninsula.

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