Wrath Classic An Offering for Soo-rahm

An Offering for Soo-rahm

StartOracle Soo-rahm
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience21150 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards6 20
PreviousRhino Mastery: The Chase
NextThe Bones of Nozronn

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Bring 5 Intact Cobra Fangs to Oracle Soo-rahm, near the Bones of Nozronn.

  • Intact Cobra Fang: (5)


We not know you, stranger, but we know you want something.

We will talk to Bones of Nozronn for you, but you must bring us offerings. We need powerful emperor cobra fangs to complete our oracle's necklace.

Go to the Wildgrowth Mangal, northeast of our hut, find cobras and bring back best fangs. Then we make bones speak to you.


You will receive: 6 20


We must know -- do you bring fangs?


<The oracle inspects the fangs.>

We approve! Bones of Nozronn will speak to <name>!

Quest progression

  1.  [76] Rhino Mastery: The Test
  2.  [76] Rhino Mastery: The Chase
  3.  [76] An Offering for Soo-rahm
  4.  [76] The Bones of Nozronn
  5.  [76] Rhino Mastery: The Kill