Anarchy's Price PoE

Voltaxic Rift Divination Card: Anarchy’s Price

Voltaxic Rift is a unique Spine Bow. Anarchy’s Price is a divination card. A set of thirteen can be exchanged for a corrupted Voltaxic Rift.

  • 13x Anarchy’s Price = 1x Corrupted Voltaxic Rift

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Anarchy's Price

Anarchy’s Price Drop Location

This item can drop from Rogue Exiles and the prophecy chain Anarchy’s End.

Rogue exile:

Corrupted by the world of Wraeclast, several exiles have gone rogue, causing them to turn against their own kind. They have no fixed area, so they can be found randomly throughout instances in Wraeclast. Rogue exiles may begin appearing in zones as early as The Prisoner’s Gate. No more than one rogue exile can spawn in any given instance. If they spawn in maps, the map mods will apply on them. Some rogue exiles are rarer than others and some have a minimum level requirement. All rogue exiles can spawn outside of maps. On death, exiles drop a large amount of items, including one for each inventory slot.

Rogue exiles use a range of players skills to deadly effect. Also, their skills often showcase a number of purchasable microtransactions.

Anarchy’s End:

Anarchy’s End is a four-part prophecy chain. By its completion, it will have dropped a total of 13 Anarchy’s Price divination cards.

New Div Card — Anarchy’s Price drops in Coves

Dropped off a rogue exile, I’m not sure if that would be part of the drop parameters or not. I could imagine that because Anarchy is the name of the Rogue Exile league mod.

Bought 13 Anarchy’s Price and got this corrupted Voltaxic Rift!

Now get +1 arrow quiver and use Deadeye Ascendancy — free GMP (almost)

good news: best result. bad news: now you need 1850 Vaal orbs

Anarchy’s Price (corrupted voltaxic) drops in the merciless chamber of sins.

I honestly don’t get this card.

Are you just supposed to hope you get a 6S 6L from the start or what?

Because I’m sure no one would want to slap hundreds (or even thousands) of Vaal orbs just getting sockets/links on this…

Cornering the PoE market with prime — the recent Anarchy’s Price speculations

Here I’ll try to write a small essay on how the current Divination Cards which got introduced to the game actually makes the PoE market easily rushed and cornered in some acute premium categories (or specific items).

Due to the recent popularity of Voltaxic Rift, I’ve noticed that there have been some serious efforts by some players or even organized group of players to corner the market on Anarchy’s Price, which is the 1/13 divination card for the corrupted Voltaxic Rift — which is basically the GG(G) item of the current meta. AP drops from the Rogue exiles at all difficulties, so even the most casual players can easily get their hands on a piece of it while leveling.

Before you continue, here are the items I’m gonna be talking about —

I have got two of them (Anarchy’s Price) in my shop for about a week and a half without a price tag and nobody even bothered to try to buy it, but a few days ago, all of the sudden I started to get seriously spammed by the various player wanting to buy it. At first, I was unfamiliar with a card and the first offer was 3c, so I thought, nice, I’ll get an easy 6c, but I was in some rota and could not sell at the exact moment (which actually saved my cards), so afterward I did some research on the card and its true value. At that moment the cheapest VR had the 2ex b/o and AP card had the lowest b/o at 6c per piece (double of what I got offered). Also, let me mention that the AP card is not involved in any of the league challenges.

So, I said to myself, fine, I guess the guy was lowballing because he is on a tight budget. So, with all the data in mind, I decided that I’ll sell vs 5c each at the next opportunity, but I still haven’t put the price on them. Only to put things in perspective 5x13 would be 65c which is just a bit under 1ex worth, while the uncorrupted VR is roughly double the price (if not more), so it is the super fair deal. At the end of the day, you don’t really need links from the bow for the build, for half of the price, acquire the item, link skills at armor and you’re good to go, especially if you’re on the budget and really need the item ASAP in order to get your build going.

Here is when things start to get really interesting. So, after the initial offer where I failed to sell due to the rota, in about 2–3 hours later I got swamped with offers in order of magnitude of 10+ offers for the AP in an hour. They were all lowballing and nobody wanted to buy for 5c, which was my looking price. This really got my attention, since I’ve never ever been busted over a single item in Poe so much, so I started to track the price of the VR and AP divination card on the market.

The first thing which I noticed that all of a sudden there were many more AP cards on sale and their b/o price started dropping rapidly. From 6c b/o, roughly 3–4 hours ago, the cheapest AP card suddenly had a b/o at 3–4c. This got me seriously confused because such behavior is completely the opposite of what should happen to the limited commodity at the open market — the price should go UP, not down. So, from my looking 5c for each of my cards, with all the nonsense happening, I decided that I will NOT sell cards at all unless I get some really good offer. I just left the cards hanging in the shop without the price tag.

For the next 24 hours at which I was online, I was getting a constant stream of approx 3–5 messages per hour for the AP cards. Some I ignored, some I gave the “I’ll pass” or relatively high price (10–12c) for each. Today, approx 28 hours since the whole ordeal started, I’ve checked the Poe Ninja again for the VR and AP prices. I was freaking flabbergasted — looking at the lowest price, the VR got a little bit more expensive (2.3ex), but AP got like 10 pieces on offer for a b/o of 1c (ONE CHAOS), which is a nothing short of insanity (which started yesterday), unless.


Now, without much of the deep analysis and tracking on the situation — for instance, I have more fun things to do in-game than track things like that, I’ll just say that I am absolutely sure that these 10+ pieces which were shown on the Poe ninja at 1c b/o were actually a BAIT in order to mask the true relative value of the card which most likely (due to the big demand) passed the 10c mark. What they did — the buyer(s) just spread the uncomplete set among them, put them on their shop with really low b/o with hope that it will bait a naive casual to sell it for the junk price, ten times lower than the actual price should be.

Finally, today, a few minutes ago, I sold my AP cards for 6c each.

So, to conclude the whole story, with a piece of advice for the players, especially the casual ones — do NOT sell your Divination Cards without some serious research in their worth value. There are many tricks and schemes that can be be “played” in the current PoE market on Poe Ninja in order to abuse the true value of the premium, acute and desired items. Unfortunately, the introduction of Divination Cards actually made such abuses much much easier — you don’t need a huge capital in order to start cornering the market, also the segmentation is huge (lots of divination cards) so just pick your niche and run it. Players do it — because they can.

Feel free to comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

p.s. I’ve just checked the AP prices just now, it seems like the situation got stabilized at 3–4c. Seems like someone finally made their set. :)