Animal Crossing: New Horizons Balloon Presents Guide

Balloon presents are a delightful and rewarding feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These floating gifts contain valuable items such as DIY recipes, furniture, clothing, and Bells. This guide will help you efficiently track, shoot down, and collect balloon presents to maximize your rewards.

Understanding Balloon Presents

  1. Appearance and Timing:

    • Balloon presents float across your island at regular intervals.
    • They appear every 5 minutes (e.g., 00, 05, 10, etc.).
    • Balloons spawn on the east or west side of the island and float across to the opposite side.
  2. Balloon Colors:

    • Red Balloons: Typically contain DIY recipes and clothing.
    • Blue Balloons: Often have crafting materials.
    • Green Balloons: Usually contain furniture.
    • Yellow Balloons: Frequently contain Animal Crossing Bells.
    • Striped Balloons: Can contain any of the above items.

Tools for Shooting Down Balloons

  1. Slingshot:
    • Obtain a slingshot from Nook’s Cranny or craft one using a DIY recipe.
    • Carry your slingshot at all times to be ready for balloon presents.

Tracking and Shooting Down Balloons

  1. Listen for the Wind:

    • Balloons make a distinct whooshing sound as they float by.
    • Listen for this sound to know when a balloon is nearby.
  2. Look to the Sky:

    • Regularly look up to spot balloons.
    • Balloons are easier to see when you have a clear view of the sky.
  3. Positioning:

    • Stand directly under the balloon’s shadow to aim your slingshot accurately.
    • Press A to shoot the slingshot and pop the balloon.

Strategies for Efficient Balloon Collecting

  1. Set Up a Balloon Farm:

    • Create open spaces on the east and west sides of your island for easy balloon spotting.
    • Clear obstacles to ensure you can quickly reach balloons.
  2. Use Timing to Your Advantage:

    • Balloons spawn every 5 minutes, so plan your activities around these intervals.
    • Check the east and west sides of your island on the hour and every 5 minutes thereafter.
  3. Avoid Water and Cliffs:

    • Balloons can fall into water or onto cliffs, making them unreachable.
    • Position yourself to shoot balloons over flat, accessible areas.

Maximizing Balloon Rewards

  1. Pop Multiple Balloons:

    • Keep an eye out for multiple balloons during special events and seasonal changes.
    • Some events may increase balloon spawn rates.
  2. Track Your Collections:

    • Use the Nook Shopping app and your Critterpedia to track which DIY recipes, furniture, and clothing items you have collected from balloons.
    • This helps you avoid duplicates and focus on missing items.
  3. Trade with Friends:

    • If you receive duplicate items, consider trading with friends to complete your collections.
    • Join online communities to find trading partners.

Handling Balloon Present Failures

  1. Presents in Water:

    • Balloons that fall into water are lost.
    • Try to shoot balloons over land to avoid this.
  2. Presents on Cliffs:

    • Use a ladder to reach presents that land on cliffs.
    • Ensure you have a ladder in your inventory for these situations.

Seasonal and Event Balloons

  1. Seasonal DIY Recipes:

    • During special events and seasons, balloons may carry unique DIY recipes.
    • Focus on popping balloons during these times to collect limited-time items.
  2. Event-Specific Balloons:

    • Participate in events like Bunny Day, where balloons carry event-specific items and recipes.
    • Prioritize shooting down balloons during events to maximize your rewards.


Collecting balloon presents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fun and rewarding activity. By understanding their patterns, using effective strategies, and maximizing your balloon-popping efficiency, you can gather valuable items and enhance your island life.

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