WoW Virtuous Silver Heaume

NameLevelReq. LevelSlotSourceType
Virtuous Silver Heaume
39870Head Plate
Virtuous Silver Heaume
Item Level 398
Binds when picked up
875 Armor
+402 Strength/Intellect
+982 Stamina
+205 Haste (6.2% at L60)
+480 Mastery

Virtuous Silver Cataphract (0/5)

  • Virtuous Silver Breastplate
  • Virtuous Silver Gauntlets
  • Virtuous Silver Heaume
  • Virtuous Silver Cuisses
  • Virtuous Silver Pauldrons

(2) Set (Holy): Holy Shock increases your critical strike chance by 4% for 10 sec.

(2) Set (Protection): Avenger's Shield grants you and your closest ally Ally of the Light, increasing Versatility by 5% for 10 sec.

(2) Set (Retribution): Judgment, Blade of Justice, and Wake of Ashes damage increased by 15%.

(4) Set (Holy): Holy Light, Flash of Light, Light of Dawn, Word of Glory, and Bestow Faith healing is increased by 6% and their critical effects increase the damage or healing of your next Holy Shock by 20%.

(4) Set (Protection): Crusader Strike increases your Parry by 4% for 10 sec, and extends the duration of Ally of the Light by 1.0 sec.

(4) Set (Retribution): Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm damage increased by 10%.

Classes: Paladin
Requires Level 70
Sell Price: 73 39 74

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