Arrogance of the Vaal

Two-Implicit Corrupted Divination Card: Arrogance of the Vaal

Arrogance of the Vaal is a divination card.

  • 8x Arrogance of the Vaal = 1x random two-implicit corrupted item

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Arrogance of the Vaal

Arrogance of the Vaal Drop Location

Ancient City Map • Sunken City Map

My new card is finally coming — Arrogance of the Vaal

As every card creator, I don’t know the rarity or where is falls (but I guess it’s going to be in corrupted places). What do you guys think about it?

For those who didn’t see it, it can give any unique (like Jack in the box) with double corrupted always.

EDIT: I’m happy people like it, even when I first posted the Inpulsa the reaction was chillier. I’m happy to create items for me and everyone else to enjoy from.

Oh, that sounds like a great card :D

My only gripe with Jack in the Box is that it drops far too rarely, I don’t find enough to even complain about the lousy returns on it, but double corrupt makes it potentially worthwhile. yeah, jack in the box needs some real weighting to it for its crazy rarity. I get like 1 or 2 turn ins per league just to see 18 alch shards.

“Arrogance of The Vaal” Divination Card can drop in Tier 5 Ancient City

Before anyone gets excited, please remember how many Uniques there are, and how many useless impacts exist. The odds of you rolling a +4 Frostferno is likely the same as the odds of rolling a Cannot be Poisoned/Cannot be Ignited Essence Worm. This is “The Gambler” on steroids.

Arrogance of the Vaal can be cool

Nice gift. Really good for divine ire builds. Really good for any lightning spell builds really. Maybe Divine Ire less so since you quite often don’t convert everything into Lightning. Still great corruption of course.

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Turning in ten sets of Arrogance Of The Vaal

The first set was… a little lucky.

I did consider buying more of the card before posting this but did not want to go through that misery again. 73 trades were not pleasant. So I no longer own any of this card.

It should be more than 2c.

Jackpot hits: Poet’s Pen with two solid implicit

Solid hits: Glacial Cascade threshold jewel with more than divine perfect damage and 1% reduced reservation

‘Meh’ and rubbish: Most of the other eight