WoW Blade Dancer

Blade Dancer is an Artifact Trait spell.

Blade Dancer
Rogue Outlaw

Blade Dancer

Artifact Trait
Rank 1/3
Requires Rogue (Outlaw)
Requires The Dreadblades

Your Energy regeneration is reduced by 3% less while Blade Flurry is active.

Spell Details
NameBlade Dancer
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
  • Passive
  • Buff cannot be canceled
Effect #1

Increase Effect #1 Value

Value: +3

Affected Spells

 Blade Flurry Blade Flurry Blade Flurry Blade Flurry Dancing Steel Shivarran Symmetry

Affected Spells (6)

Name Level Class Type
Dancing Steel
Talent (Lvl 50)
Blade Flurry
Blade Flurry
Blade Flurry
Blade Flurry
Spec (Outlaw)
Shivarran Symmetry

Improved By (32)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
PH - Blood Relic 2 - Unused
81098 Blood Relic
PH - Iron Relic 2 - Unused
81098 Iron Relic
PH - Storm Relic 2 - Unused
81098 Storm Relic
Begrudging Confessions
5040Looted Storm Relic
Blood of the Unworthy
5045Looted Blood Relic
Chiseled Starlight
5045Looted Iron Relic
Chittering Mandible
5045Looted Storm Relic
Fingernail of the Fel Brute
5045Looted Iron Relic
Foreign Contaminant
5045Looted Blood Relic
Ironvine Thorn
5045Looted Iron Relic
Memory of Betrayal
5040Looted Blood Relic
Scything Quill
5045Looted Iron Relic
Stormcaller's Fury
5045Looted Storm Relic
Fenryr's Bloodstained Fang
5040Looted Blood Relic
Howling Echoes
5040Looted Storm Relic
Pebble of Ages
5040Looted Iron Relic
Ettin Bone Fragment
5040Looted Iron Relic
Fel-Cleansed Leystone Key
5040Looted Iron Relic
Slavemaster's Malevolence
5040 Relinquished Relic Blood Relic
QA Combat Test Relic Blood 2
45 Blood Relic
QA Combat Test Relic Iron 2
45 Iron Relic
QA Combat Test Relic Wind 2
45 Storm Relic
Cursed Kvaldir Blood
44 Paid in Lifeblood Blood Relic
Fel-Tainted Haze
44 Stormheim's Salvation Storm Relic
Azurewing Blood
44 Hunger's End Blood Relic
Azurewing Guile
44 Hunger's End Storm Relic
Battle-Touched Blood of the Fallen
44 Fel-Touched Crate of Battlefield Goods Blood Relic
Desiccated Breeze
44Quest Storm Relic
Myzrael Shard
44 A Favor for Mr. Shackle Iron Relic
Senegos' Resolve
44 Hunger's End Iron Relic
Uncorrupted Soil
44Quest Iron Relic
Varethos' Fortitude
44Quest Blood Relic

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