WoW Expel the Darkness

Expel the Darkness is an Artifact Trait spell.

Expel the Darkness
Paladin Holy

Expel the Darkness

Artifact Trait
Rank 1/3100 yd range
Requires Paladin (Holy)
Requires The Silver Hand

Increases healing done by Light of Dawn by 3%.

Spell Details
NameExpel the Darkness
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategorySpecial Category
  • Passive
  • Buff cannot be canceled
Effect #1

Increase Damage/Healing

Amount: +3%

Affected Spells

 Light of Dawn Light of Dawn Second Sunrise

Affected Spells (3)

Name Level Class Type
Light of Dawn
Spec (Holy)
Light of Dawn
Second Sunrise

Improved By (18)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Faronaar Prayer Beads
138 Holy Relic
Fauna Analysis Widget
5040Looted Life Relic
Flickering Timespark
5045Looted Holy Relic
Lightshield Amplifier
5045Looted Holy Relic
Untouched Holy Candle
50 Cathedral of Eternal Night: Altar of the Aegis Holy Relic
Valorous Spark of Hope
5045Looted Life Relic
Absolved Ravencrest Brooch
5040Looted Holy Relic
Archaic Meditation Crystal
50 Unsullied Relic Holy Relic
Reflection of Sorrow
5040Looted Life Relic
Shieldmaiden's Prayer
5040Looted Holy Relic
Shieldmaiden's Prayer
5040 Holy Relic
Tranquil Clipping
5040Looted Life Relic
Tranquil Clipping
5040 Life Relic
Elune Graced Signet
44 Lieutenant of the Tower Holy Relic
Revitalizing Incense
44 Lieutenant of the Tower Life Relic
Blessing of the Watchers
44 The Blessing of the Watchers Holy Relic
Fel-Resistant Clipping
44 Dark Revelations Life Relic
Yotnar's Gratitude
44 The Blessing of the Watchers Life Relic

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