Assign WoW Key Bindings to Specific Skills

I really want to know how I can use World of Warcraft key bindings in order to make my life easier.

You can assign hotkeys to any skill or ability that you wish in the Interface options menu. You can hit the “escape” key or click on the little computer at the bottom of your World of Warcraft screen when you are in character. Once this menu is opened, click on the “Key Bindings” tab and you will be taken to a larger menu that will allow you to change any key binding and create new ones. There are already special keys that are assigned to movements, actions, abilities, and so on, so make sure that you do not use the same key for another skill or ability. It will cause a conflict with that key and you will not get the desired result.

You can create hotkeys for anything that your character can do – actions, spells, movements, abilities, and so on. So, your character is fully customizable to make it easier for you to play the way that you feel comfortable playing.

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