Audacity PoE Divination Card

Doryani’s Fist Divination Card: Audacity

Doryani’s Fist is a pair of unique Vaal Gauntlets. Audacity is a divination card.

  • 5x Audacity = 1x corrupted Doryani’s Fist

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Audacity Drop Location

The Apex of Sacrifice

The Apex of Sacrifice:

The Apex of Sacrifice is an end-game area where the battle with Atziri, Queen of the Vaal takes place.

How does one get the audacity to offer 10c for a perfectly rolled Terminus?

OP has the audacity to try to shitpost someone offering to buy an unlinked terminus. Really tired of people not putting up a price when they clearly know what they want for it especially with an item like there’s where there’s plenty of examples what it sells for. Stop being an asshat and set a price yourself or get the fuck over it when people throw you an offer you monkey.

Are you actually “trolling” or are you actually offended by a 10c offer on an unlinked Terminus est which is a big, fucking Noobtrap in itself. It’s about the same value as a perfectly rolled Tabula to anyone who wants to play this game reasonably effective.

Because someone here had the audacity to compare Wedge Antilles to Poe.

The wedge is the best character in all of Star Wars. I love Wedge. Yub Yub Commander!

Wedge ain’t SHIT next to Poe, man! We should all be really worshiping Nien Nunb. Why do people only say Lando blew up the second d Death Star when in fact it’s Lando AND Nien Nunb!

Look how Wedge struggled in Empire to take out a single ATAT or needed wingmen to take on Tie Interceptors in Jedi. He even needed Luke as bait to take out a single Tie Fighter in Star Wars.

In TFA Poe takes out 9 BLACK TIE FIGHTERS in a single swoop. How do you think precious Wegde would have fared against a BLACK TIE FIGHTER huh? A supercool BLACK one!

Seriously though, I don’t hate Poe nor TFA (I really liked it), but I think they made some prequel-grade poor choices here and there. Making the enemies as un-dangerous as the cute Roger-Roger Robots is one of them.

That Poe-scene killed the tone as much as if Harrison Ford had winked at the audience after telling Finn women always find out. It completely broke something.

I’m at the point where I’d pay good money for an extended edition without that ridiculous run by Poe over Maz’ waterhole.