WoW Thunderous Blast

Thunderous Blast is an Azerite Power spell.

Thunderous Blast

Thunderous Blast

Dealing damage has a chance to call down a Thunderous Blast, dealing 0 Nature damage to the enemy and increasing the damage of Thunderous Blast by 20%. At 100% increased damage, Thunderous Blast will critically hit and reset this effect.

Spell Details
NameThunderous Blast
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
  • Passive
Effect #1

Mod Attack Power for every 'School' Resistance Point: The school is specified to the right

Effect #2

Dummy: This is used whenever a very specific action not falling in a generic category (such as 'Deal damage') is needed. So what a 'Dummy' effect does changes from spell to spell.

Value: 5

Granted by (18)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Hood of the Sinuous Devilsaur
6050Head Dunegorger Kraulok Leather
Corrupted Hexxer's Vestments
5950ChestLooted, Vendor Mail
Desert Guardian's Breastplate
5950ChestLooted, Vendor Plate
Exiled Veteran's Pauldrons
5945Shoulders Plate
Exiled Veteran's Spaulders
5945Shoulders Plate
Lastwind Mantle
5945Shoulders Cloth
Lastwind Shoulderpads
5945Shoulders Cloth
Resilient Outcast's Shoulderguards
5945Shoulders Mail
Resilient Outcast's Spaulders
5945Shoulders Mail
Robes of the Reborn Serpent
5950ChestLooted, Vendor Cloth
Scorching Sands Shoulderguards
5945Shoulders Leather
Scorching Sands Shoulderpads
5945Shoulders Leather
Bilewing Mantle
5850ShouldersVendor Mail
Cobra Priest's Headdress
5850Head Fangcaller Xorreth Cloth
Commodore Calhoun's Tricorne
5850Head Commodore Calhoun Leather
Deathsnap Shoulderguards
5850ShouldersVendor Leather
Dunecrawler Spaulders
5850ShouldersVendor Plate
Sandspinner Mantle
5850ShouldersVendor Cloth

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