Wrath Classic Back So Soon?

Back So Soon?

StartHigh-Oracle Soo-say
EndMistcaller Soo-gan
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience10700 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
ReputationThe Oracles +250
Rewards3 30
PreviousMaking Peace
NextThe Lost Mistwhisper Treasure
Forced Hand

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Travel to Mistwhisper Refuge and speak to Mistcaller Soo-gan.

If you lose [Jaloot's Favorite Crystal], speak to High-Oracle Soo-say in Rainspeaker Canopy.


<High-Oracle Soo-say stares at your forehead for a while before speaking.>

Soo-gan ask for help. We think they might have been attacked by puppy-men again.

We sending you and Jaloot to help... follow west river up to Mistwhisper Refuge. Do what Soo-gan says... hit the puppy-men on the nose if they being mean, they don't like that.

<High-Oracle Soo-say goes back to staring at your forehead as you leave.>


You will receive: 3 30


We think we seen you before. You visit Mistwhisper village sometime already?

Soo-say said you good. Soo-say smart, so we trust you too.

<Mistcaller Soo-gan offers an awkwardly large smile.>

Quest progression

  1.  [76] The Part-time Hunter (optional)
  2.  [77] Playing Along
  3. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] The Ape Hunter's Slave
    •  [77] Tormenting the Softknuckles
  4. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] The Wasp Hunter's Apprentice
    •  [77] The Sapphire Queen
  5.  [77] Flown the Coop!
  6. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] The Underground Menace
    •  [77] Mischief in the Making
  7.  [77] A Rough Ride
  8. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice
    •  [77] The Mist Isn't Listening
  9.  [77] Hoofing It
  10.  [77] Just Following Orders
  11.  [77] Fortunate Misunderstandings
  12. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] Make the Bad Snake Go Away
    •  [77] Gods like Shiny Things
  13.  [77] Making Peace
  14.  [77] Back So Soon?
  15. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure
    •  [77] Forced Hand
  16.  [77] Home Time!
  17.  [77] The Angry Gorloc
  18. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] The Mosswalker Savior
    •  [77] Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine
  19.  [77G3] A Hero's Burden
  20. Choose then ONE of these quests to become aligned with any of the factions:
    •  [77] Frenzyheart Champion
      •  [77] Return of the Lich Hunter
    •  [77] Hand of the Oracles
      •  [77] Return of the Friendly Dryskin