Which Battleground Gives The Most WoW Honor Points?

I really do like the WoW battlegrounds system but I can find it really boring sometimes when trying to grind honor points in order to get PvP gear. So my question is which WoW battleground gives the most honor points?

Battlegrounds can be a great way for players to get some good PvP gear and I have noticed it really is a great way for casual players to get some epic items. Like you said it still can be sometimes a pain in the butt to grind out those honor points.

Throughout my experience in the battlegrounds I really have noticed that Alterac Valley gives the most honor points per hour than any other one. Luckily, for me, it is my favorite battleground map as well.

One of the top reasons that AV is the top battleground in terms of most honor points is due to the many ways to get bonus honor. Playing in AV I can usually get around 1200 – 1500 honor points an hour. The next highest battleground is Eye of the Storm which I was only able to pull about 800 – 1000 honor per hour. That probably could have been higher if the Horde won more of the matches.

That brings us to the next great reason for AV is if you win or lose matches it really doesn’t affect your honor points per hour. In my battlegroup the Horde usually will lose about 17 of 20 matches but we still can pull around 1200 – 1500 honor an hour.

One side note about this is I am posting data that I have experienced as a single player in battlegrounds, as it can be extremely hard sometimes to get a good premade group together. I’m sure the honor points in the other battlegrounds can be pretty big as well if not bigger than AV if you have a premade PvP group. So, if that would be the case Eye of the Storm maybe the best BG for premade groups.

That’s my experience with it but if anyone reading this would like to share their honor points per hour in the different battlegrounds that would be great as it would help everyone out and get a more accurate reading of battlegrounds honor points data.

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