Best PoE Currency Site 2020

Where is the best place to buy PoE currency?

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When we play the Path of Exile, it is very common for players to buy PoE currency. It is always a big problem in which sites offer the cheapest prices. I did an investigation. Now, we can search for U4GM POE currency on Google. So many players are willing to go to this website to buy Poe currency. In fact, the website is a very secure trading platform. When you trade on the site, their customer service will help you process your order as soon as possible. Even if you want a refund, they will help you process it for the first time. Most importantly, the price offered by this site is also very cheap. They often carry out activities. If you meet them, they are offering discounts with coupon “Z123”, then you are very lucky. I’ll explain this from service, price, payment security, transaction security.

1. How do you evaluate the service of this website for the player who buys Poe currency for the first time? The answer is to view the third-party comments on this site, and the authenticity of the data in some professional third-party comment sites should be recognized. Let’s take a look at u4gm’s comments on Trustpilot. 80 comments are 100% positive. I think that explains a lot of things. For companies with poor service quality, it is impossible to achieve this effect.

2. Price. U4GM is currently in the promotion stage. For the website in the promotion stage, price is the core of website competition. In order to keep the competition, the price is relatively cheap. I find that the price of this website is usually 20% cheaper than other websites on the market.

3. Payment security. The payment methods of this website are also very diverse, such as PayPal, credit card, sofort, etc. They chose the mainstream secure payment platform, so subscribers don’t have to worry, they are smart. It also shows their strength.

4. Transaction security. Have I ever asked their customer service department about your transaction security? She replied that in the past year, they have processed more than 10,000 customer service orders, and there has never been an unsafe problem. If there is account security and U4GM is proven to have a problem, its company will give 10 times compensation.

I think from the above four points we can realize that U4GM must be a good website. Although I can’t say that the website is the best, at least it is the best website I have used. So I recommend it to you.

Cheap PoE Currency Hardcore at Mulefactory

Mulefactory offers the cheapest price for PoE Currency Hardcore(5% coupon “CURRENCY”). Buy Path of Exile currency, orbs and items. Instant delivery and cheap prices for PoE. Boost your PoE character with them.

Mulefactory was formed in 2007 by some gamers to meet the needs of the community by helping them more easily access their game items. Initially, they focused on Diablo 2, but with the emergence of many major games, they also applied it to other games. Now, they provide the best price for PoE currency hardcore.

They are active participants from all over the world. When you contact them, you can be sure that another player has received your message and that your case will be taken special care of. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact them. they can provide 24 / 7 service for you at any time.

Mulefactory services different online games to help players catch up when they don’t have enough time to play. The prices of these services are different because they take different time to complete. When paying for services, you need to pay for the time invested, and mulefactory is not responsible for selling the items in the game, which are always the property of the game studio during the service period.

Mulefactory completes the service through a manually controlled activity that does not involve third-party programs or automate in any way that affects the economics of the game.

Buy PoE Currency Safe at PVPBank

PVPBank is the safest place to buy Exalted Orbs.

They provide 24 / 7 real-time support services to their customers. Customers can visit live chat at any time to solve any problems you encounter on pvpbank. Their after-sales service team can help you sincerely solve complex problems one-on-one in the purchase process.

All customers registered as members in pvpbank at the time of first purchase will receive different discounts according to the VIP Membership points. You get in the member account on their website at the time of the next purchase.

If they have enough gold in stock, it usually takes 5–30 minutes to complete the transaction. If they need to replenish for you, it will take 12–24 hours. The time required to receive an order depends on the payment method, the gold amount of the order, and the delivery conditions of the server in the game.

Best and Fast PoE Currency at Aoeah

Aoeah is another best currency site(Coupon: AOE). You can register a new account for an extra 1% membership discount. Cheap PoE Currency at Aoeah: 5–10 Mins Fast Delivery.

Where you can buy cheap poe currency? I have to say this is aoeah, because I know they have worked in the game currency or goods market for more than five years and have a high reputation. I always buy game coins on the website, which can provide me with quick delivery, cheap price and discount. I think the best way to buy Exalted Orbs there is for you to enjoy the best service, and they provide security guarantees and policy refunds. In any case, I think aoeah is a reliable website for buying cheap currency in the path of exile.

How can I find a best place to buy PoE currency?

All players know that buying Poe orbs allows them to play games smoothly and easily. It’s a good habit for exilers to use their favorite Poe items to play games instead of repeatedly farming Poe orbs. But before I say how good or bad it is to buy orbs for exilers, let’s deal with the problem of how to find the best poe currency site.

The way to buy money in exile is not cool, it is not smart, and it may even make you a fool. You may be banned from your account for participating in such transactions. And there is no website to guarantee that your account will never be banned. However, as long as you keep the following three tips in mind, you won’t be banned.

1. Do not give your account password to anyone. Gold sellers don’t need it. They just need to know your role name (for PS4, PSN is also required).

2. Choose a reliable and respected online Poe currency sellers, such as u4gm, which can provide you with a safe Poe currency and a pleasant shopping experience. Here are 8 key points you should focus on:

  • High reputation — it’s important to choose a reputable and reliable seller.
  • Extensive experience — you should choose a strong gaming company with extensive experience in the gaming industry.
  • Good evaluation — what other participants say is more important than what the seller says. You can check from Trustpilot, ownedcore, epicnpc, etc., which will increase your trust in the website.
  • Secure delivery — face to face is a secure way to trade and deliver Poe currency and other Poe projects. The seller will meet with you at a certain place in the game, and then make a transaction with you, which is fast and safe.
  • Cheap and reasonable prices — when searching for POE currencies, you may be most worried about prices. Therefore, you can compare the top 2 or 3 websites with prices.
  • Fast delivery time — when you come to the POE store, you will find that most of them display “delivery time” to the player. You can choose a faster delivery time to buy currency.
  • Various payment methods — a competent website should provide players with a large number of payment methods, which is very convenient for them to place orders.
  • Refund guarantee — if you place a wrong order or for other reasons, the responsible seller should get a refund guarantee.

You may have fewer opportunities to be banned because GGG may be willing to ignore the currency you buy, which in turn means you can play longer. It turns out that no player has been banned from buying legal Poe currency. I sincerely hope that these skills will be helpful to the players who are looking to buy Poe currency!

How to Farm more Currency in PoE?

There are two factors: efficiency and time spent. If you don’t have too many currencies, at least one of them is low. Since everyone has life, I can’t help spending time playing Poe, but I can offer tips on how to improve efficiency and/or make money.

The first thing: Chaos Recipes. All experienced players will tell you that they are not good and inefficient. I have the same view. However, this is the stable income of chaos ball. At current highs, there are 60 recipes for each high price. I open a free map party and assign a lot of perms, most of the people who enter and stay are novice / casual players. Those who make messy recipes say they’ll make about 10 to 15 recipes in an hour, and if you do it casually, you’ll make one every five hours. Slow is not good, but if you like slow performance, it’s stable and good.

Now. If you don’t mind running the map over and over again every day with just one build you may not like (and if you did, you won’t). The most efficient way to do this is to play a discovery role, whose role has a shaped atlas, and the role will only drop a map that gives a specific reward. There are many guides there, so I won’t introduce them here.

To improve efficiency, it’s basically the way you scroll the map and how fast you run it, and the booty you need to stop the butcher from picking it up.

Used for map scrolling. Minimum: ALC yellow map, chisel + ALC red map. More luxurious: add some sextants around it, or sacrifice clips when opening the map, or use some small prophecies or Zana mod. Oversized suit: all of the above.

About the speed of running the map (also known as the purge speed). You can get some favorite maps and know the layout and time for yourself to clear. Below 2 minutes is the maximum speed, around 5 minutes is a good leisure rhythm, and 8 minutes and above start to enter the slow zone. Unless you want to walk faster, it will take about 4–5 minutes. Understanding the overall layout of the map you are running and having a structure that easily cleans up your backpack is the key to reducing this run time.

Extract content: original currency, things that can be sold as currency and maps are almost always extracted. Then, for vendors, most ALC uniqueness, T1 rarity for IDS (which is not good in most cases), and other United rarities for confusing Recipes (if you do). For currencies, you want things to be chaotic at least 3–4 times. Check, it’s melting now, and it’s on top. For things that can be sold in money, six socket items are seven Jews, almost 1C, falling everywhere. 6L is very sacred. The map with the sextant mod has damaged the items. This is an important source. The armored safe with “items have extra sockets” can also be used for the same thing. I don’t think I will recommend this one to you.

And the divination card. In addition to “high-profile” people like doctors, those who use money directly are also good sources of income. Anger is a little over the top, a lot of things are lost in the bell tower (8 sets, 10 points). The value of the survivors is roughly the same and has declined a lot in the undersea (3 sets, give 7alc). Then there is the humility of tabula rasa (pronounced: orb of God) in the passageways and waterways. All other sets given 6 links X. Go to the Wiki to get all the information you need and look at the divination card section of to find your own farm.

In addition to farming, you can also host delivery services. The most popular place is the lab (it’s easy to use any Jugg tank, enchantment is a free lottery for every run, just in starkonja, DeVoto or ilvl 84+ Use it on T1 white), Grandpa’s Hall (it’s very easy for miners to drop divination cards that provide images), shaper guardian (you open your map and are damaged, let the boss go to the scope and then write off and sell it for 4–5c, plus the shards drop is easy to make profits, any other drop is just icing on the cake), and more, but you have to Point.

The currency system in Path of Exile

GGG does not want to be as relaxed and relaxed as MMO, which is the last position we have heard on this issue recently, which seems to be the hard truth. They will never do AH, because they have repeatedly said the exact words publicly. They want the deal to be less attractive than it is now, and it won’t happen. Therefore, there is no need to put forward arguments against ah, which is not related to the design intent of game developers. They all said in the public opinion that the current convenience of trading with people is not the design intent of the game. They want to find difficult deals, buy rare and expensive items, they don’t want Wal Mart, they want to exchange deals. The function of the API indexer is “ignored” in their words, and it’s a mistake they can’t undo. It makes trading more like Wal Mart than swap trading or flea markets.

If you think about it, from the perspective of GGG, price fixers and organized attempts to manipulate the trading market are actually good, because they cause pressure and friction in the trading market, making the trading market less smooth and easy, less ideal and more risky. Uncertainty or distrust of the value of things will lead people to overestimate the price and hold the goods, thus reducing the supply of goods priced at market value, even if it is only a subtle transaction, it is not conducive to the transaction. It makes things more expensive, making more people decide to try farming instead of just buying them. It’s all GGG’s public statement, and it’s consistent with the long-term replay value of the game, even if they won’t say: it’s better for Poe’s pricing tools and market / economic “game” aspects. They have always said publicly that the competition or “dog eat dog” game style has been praised by developers, and in theory, is the ideal choice to make the game more dynamic and playable. For example, we have made elaborate pranks, and GGG praises people for keeping secrets and profiting from them. Chris Wilson is the type of PVP who likes to be tough and competitive. He said he was very sorry to add the distribution of spoils to the party game because it eliminated the competition for the fall. Ah is not in the Poe, because he does not want to reach such an easy level of trading, ah will not be hindered by the lack of “good arguments”. I would even argue (though they will never admit it again) that fraudsters and price manipulation are ignored at the system level because they are not considered unwelcome because they are seen as some of the few barriers that are easy to trade. This will make it impossible for players to buy everything and minimize the value of loot drops in what should be a trophy driven game.