What’s The Best Way To Gain Thrallmar Rep?

I am working on getting revered with Thrallmar so I can take part in some heroic instances. I want to know the best way to get to gain Thrallmar reputation to revered and eventually I want to get exalted with Thrallmar as well.

Thrallmar can actually be considered one of the toughest reputation grinds in Outlands besides Lower City. For that reason there really isn’t a super fast way to do it but if you follow what is outlined below you will get to revered quickly and be setup to hit exalted eventually.

First thing I always state when answering reputation questions is to make sure you do the quest lines available. It usually helps to do those first but in this case it really doesn’t. For Thrallmar rep the first thing you want to do is run the Hellfire Ramparts and the Blood Furnace instances all the way to 5999/6000 Friendly.

Once you hit that then go crazy doing Thrallmar quests and that should be able to get you enough Thrallmar reputation to get you through Honored to Revered. That would be the most ideal way of doing it but I know that most of you reading this right now has already probably done as many quests in Thrallmar as possible to gain reputation.

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For you, there are a couple of ways you can go about. If you are one that loves PvP you can do the quest Hellfire Fortifications over and over again but it can really take some time to gain reputation that way since you get 10 reputation per turn in.

The other way and probably the quickest path to take is to run Shattered Halls over and over again. You should get around 2,000 rep per run if you clear the whole instance. By the time you hit Exalted with Thrallmar by running this instance you will be able to run it in your sleep, which can possibly be helpful. 

Also if you are able to find groups to do heroic Hellfire Citadel instances you can also gain some nice rep as well. Great way to spice it up a bit so you won’t become a total Shattered Halls zombie by the end.

Almost forgot…don’t forget to get Thrallmar Favor which will increase the amount of reputation earned while doing the instances. This can increase your rep per Shattered Halls run by 1,000 which can help out a whole lot. You get those by turning in 5 Thrallmar Marks to the Thrallmar quartermaster.

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