Blind Venture PoE

unique ring Divination Card: Blind Venture

Blind Venture is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for a random corrupted unique ring.

  • 7x Blind Venture = 1x random corrupted unique ring

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Blind Venture

Blind Venture Drop Location

The Reliquary (Act 5) • The Reliquary (Act 10) • Museum Map • Relic Chambers Map

Players can exchange POE currency for Blind Venture cards.

The Reliquary (Act 5):

The Reliquary is an area in Act 5. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Ruined Square.

The Reliquary (Act 10):

The Reliquary (Act 10) is an area with a waypoint in Act 10. It is connected to The Ravaged Square. Vaal side area Restricted Collection has a chance to spawn.

Blind Venture dropped in Museum map

While on the topic of new card drop location I just got Volatile Power from The Mines level 1 or 2 (not sure which) on cruel.

My loot from 100 Museum maps!

I decided to run 100 Museum maps and record the results. This was because I was mostly interested in seeing how often the Dab of Ink divination card dropped and if it was a reliable way of farming Poets Pens. I thought I would give 100 maps a shot and see where it got me!

I finished the maps and logged pretty much everything I could think of throughout the maps. This will include the different events I encountered, the total currency I managed to farm and personal notable drops. I did all of the runs with the same IIQ (52% with a Bisco at 44%) and the same gear setup with Winter Orb as my clear skill. I cleared all the maps until less than 10 mobs left and opened all the chests I found on my way.

Before I get started on the loot I would just like to give my personal thoughts on the layout and clear speed of the map. I feel like the layout of the map is not the best the game can offer as you can view here . It feels like there is a lot of back and forth running about which makes it slower and so I would recommend another map layout if you want to farm faster. When it comes to the core reason I decided to farm this map (the Dab of Ink card chance) it felt quite decent at a drop every 20 maps which would seem realistic to farm your own Poet Pens (however I only did 100 maps so I can not be 100% sure on the drop chance).

Overall in terms of profit and the time it takes to run the maps I would not say it is the worst but not the best either, there are definitely more consistent/faster options for currency farming. I did, however, have a blast doing this, hopefully, it has helped give you some insight on if this is a map you would like to run yourself! If there is interest I would not mind continuing to post my results when I am mapping and I am open to suggestions of new maps to try.

Thank you GGG for making such a wonderful and emerging game, Betrayal has been the most fun I have had in my close to 3k hours played. Keep up the good work!



Picture of the loot

Let’s start out with the divination cards:

  • The Dab of Ink: 5
  • Destined to Crumble: 283
  • The Scholor: 272 (around 3600 Wisdom Scrolls)
  • Shard of Fate: 28
  • Encroaching Darkness: 9
  • Blind Venture: 4

The main focus was the Dab of Ink cards. I got my very first in my first map and then I did not see another until map 43. My third card came in at map 49 and the fourth at map 80. My last card appeared on map 94. By the end on average, I had a card drop every 20 maps.

I did get a few divination cards from other sources which I feel is more random and based on how many strongboxes etc you find but they were:

  • The Trial: 2
  • The Valley of Steel Boxes: 2
  • The Calling: 2
  • The Gemcutter: 2
  • The Puzzle: 2
  • The Master Artisan: 2
  • Hubris: 1
  • Earth Drinker: 1 (from a unique Zana map)


  • Jewelers: 704
  • Chromatics: 130
  • Alchemy: 83 (mainly from selling uniques)
  • Chisels: 69
  • Fuses: 54
  • Scourings: 30
  • Chaos: 29
  • Vaal: 22
  • Coins: 21
  • Regrets: 13
  • Journeyman sextants: 9
  • Regals: 5
  • Gemcutters: 3
  • Blessed: 3
  • Divine Orb: 1

Notable Drops

  • In map 31 I had a Divine Orb drop
  • In map 49 I managed to chance a Tinkerskin (sadly not an Inpulsa)
  • In map 62 Zana had a unique pillar map and in there I had a decent rolled Belly of the Beast drop
  • In map 73 I had my first Divine Strongbox
  • In map 75 I had my first unique Strongbox — Strange Barrel
  • In map 87 I had my second and last Divine Strongbox
  • In map 94 I had my second and last unique Strongbox — Welems Warchest (dropped a Mao Kun)

Total profit was around 480 chaos


  • Transport I encountered 32 times
  • Fortify I encountered 27 times
  • Intervention I encountered 26 times
  • Research I encountered 15 times


  • Alva appeared 6 times
  • Niko appeared 5 times
  • Zana appeared 10 times
  • Einhar appeared 10 times

So in 100 maps, I had 31 master encounters roughly 1 every 3 maps.

Other events/encounters — I did only log Abyss and Breach here but I should maybe have logged Essences and Rogue Exiles too but that will have to be for another time!

  • Breach encounters: 9
  • Abyss encounters: 6 (1 of them had a Depths)

TLDR — I ran 100 Museum maps with a Winter Orb build, 52% IIQ with Biscos at 44% & the total value of my loot is roughly 480C. My total Dab of ink cards was 5. I Cleared all of the maps until less than 10 mobs remained and opened all of the chests I found. Overall the map is not one of my favorites to run, it’s a slow map with a back & forth layout. I feel like there are better options to generate faster profit and if you only want to do the map because of the Dab of Ink cards it would seem from the 100 maps I ran they have a semi-consistent drop rate but realistically it is probably faster to run a more profitable map and buy them directly from players unless you are an SSF character.