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The blue dragonflight are dragonkin that have blue-white scales and can breath frost or arcane magic. During the ordering of Azeroth, the titan Norgannon blessed Malygos and his flight with power over the arcane and the duty of ensuring it would never be abused. Malygos and his mate Sindragosa ruled the blue flight until the War of the Ancients when the crazed Deathwing used the Demon Soul to wipe out the majority of the flight, leaving only Malygos and precious few eggs left. The event left Malygos both weakened and depressed. The flight slowly but surely recovered over the millennia, until the ambitious young dragons Kalecgos and Tyrygosa attempted to bring Malygos out of his stupor.

When Malygos was slain near the end of the Nexus War, the dragonflight was unsure of who would become the new leader and ultimately the new Aspect. After some time passed Kalecgos was appointed by the majority. After the destruction of Deathwing and the Dragon Aspects’ becoming mortal, the blue dragons were left in a state of disarray. More and more left their home at the Nexus daily, until finally Kalecgos declared the flight disbanded and all blue dragons free to follow their own individual desires. In Azsuna, the ancient blue wyrm, Senegos, leads a large brood of surviving blue dragons.

Blue dragonflight
Domain Magic
Breath Frost, Arcane
Major leader(s) Kalecgos
Formerly Malygos †
Secondary leaders Senegos
Racial capital The Nexus
Area(s) Borean Tundra

  • Beryl Point
  • Coldarra
    • The Nexus
      • Nexus
      • Oculus
      • Eye of Eternity

Crystalsong Forest

  • Azure Front


  • Azure Dragonshrine
  • Moonrest Gardens


  • Azurewing Repose
  • Azurewing Whelplands
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Draconic
Affiliation Wyrmrest Accord, Titans, Independent
Status Disbanded, some remnants still active

Blue Dragonflight

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Member types

The blue dragonflight includes the blue dragons themselves as well as all other blue dragonkin such as dragonspawn and drakonid.

  • Blue dragon (mature)
    • Blue wyrm
  • Blue drake
  • Blue whelp
  • Blue dragonspawn
    • Blue scalebane
    • Blue wyrmkin
  • Blue drakonid


The blue dragonflight, while ruled by Malygos, the lord of magic, was all but devastated by the evil Deathwing and his black dragonflight. Though there are few great blue dragons left in the world, their magical powers are awesome to behold. Native to Northrend, the few blues stay relatively close to the great Dragonblight, where they commune with the ancient dragon spirits who died in ages past. Their freezing breath and gargantuan claws have been the death of many hapless travelers in Northrend.

Magic is what most concerns the members of the blue dragonflight. Acquiring it, researching it, cataloging it. Blue dragons are masters of the arcane and they wield it with a natural, almost intrinsic, ease. Even the flight’s dragonspawn armies are flush with magical aptitude. The blues believe that with this power comes a certain responsibility and so members of the blue flight can often be found in positions policing and monitoring the use of magic by non-dragons.

Their traditional home is Northrend, where they remain close to the great Dragonblight. Historically, blue dragons have had a reputation for spending their days in solitary contemplation of the secrets of the world, but in recent times blue dragons have proved to be more social due to the growing threats to all living creatures. Their approach towards mortals, specifically arcane spellcasters, can vary anywhere from amiable curiosity to outright hostility.

Of all the dragonflights, the blues are the ones most drawn to order and calmness. Ironically, this made them the ones least able to deal with the chaos caused by Malygos’ insanity and eventual death.

Blue dragonkin are sometimes referred to as Azure, Cobalt or Sapphire. When taking humanoid form, most blue dragons prefer to transform into humans, though dwarf, gnome and quel’dorei guises are also common.

Several blues are somewhat bitter after the events of the Nexus War.[citation needed]


Members of the blue dragonflight most often have names ending in “gos” for males, or “gosa” for females. Sometimes synonyms of the word “blue”, or terms relating to spellcasting find their way into their names as well.

Notable members

Name Type Role Status Location
Malygos Aspect Former Aspect of the blue dragonflight, Aspect of Magic, killed during the Nexus War Deceased-Killable Various
Kalecgos Aspect Became Aspect of the blue dragonflight after Malygos’ death, member of the Council of Six Alive Various
Sindragosa Dragon Former prime consort of Malygos, killed during the War of the Ancients but was raised as a frost wyrm by the Lich King Deceased-Killable Frost Queen’s Lair, Icecrown Citadel
Saragosa Dragon Second prime consort of Malygos Deceased-Killable Coldarra, Borean Tundra
Haleh Dragon Last living consort of Malygos, Matron Protectorate of Mazthoril Alive Beryl Egress, Winterspring
Arygos Dragon Son of Malygos and Saragosa, commander in the War of the Shifting Sands, later allied with Deathwing but was killed by the Twilight Father Deceased Temple of Ahn’Qiraj; Nexus
Kirygosa Dragon Daughter of Malygos and Saragosa, kidnapped by but escaped from the Twilight Father Alive Unknown
Balacgos Dragon Son of Malygos, attempted to seal unharnessed magic in a special cube but was killed by his own creation Deceased Unknown
Azuregos Dragon Seeker and protector of magical artifacts Alive Azshara; Nexus
Senegos Dragon Oldest blue dragon alive Alive Azurewing Repose, Azsuna
Tarecgosa Dragon Adoptive sister of Kalecgos, spirit sealed in Dragonwrath after sacrificing herself to save him Deceased Coldarra, Borean Tundra; Nexus
Tyrygosa Dragon Former suitor to Kalecgos, assisted in restoring the Sunwell, researching the nether dragons and later in defending Wyrmrest Temple Alive Various
Agapanthus Dragonspawn Overseer of the whelpland defenses in Azsuna Alive Azurewing Repose, Azsuna
Andorgos Dragon Member of Malygos’ brood who helped liberate Arygos from Ahn’Qiraj Alive Various
Arcanagos Dragon Blue dragon killed by Medivh and resurrected as Nightbane Killable Master’s Terrace, Karazhan
Awbee Dragon Rescued as a whelp from Blackrock Spire by adventurers, later returned to defeat Commander Tharbek Alive Various
Cyanigosa Dragon Leader of the invasion of the Violet Hold in Dalaran Killable Violet Hold
Drakos the Interrogator Dragonspawn Interrogator and torturer of the Oculus Killable Band of Variance, Oculus
Eldragosa Dragon Member of the Council of Tirisfal, resurrected as the frost wyrm Shivermaw Deceased-Killable Magus Commerce Exchange, Dalaran
Emmigosa Whelp Descendant of Senegos who befriends an adventurer Alive Azurewing Repose, Azsuna
Goramosh Dragonspawn Negotiator of an accord with Wind Trader Mu’fah and the Ethereum Killable Moonrest Gardens, Dragonblight
Kaldrigos Dragon Dread wyrm slain by a group of dwarves long ago Deceased Unknown
Lanigosa Dragon Aids a paladin adventurer in the retrieval of the Silver Hand Alive Dragonblight
Ley-Guardian Eregos Dragon Protector of the Oculus and defender of the ley line conduit Killable Band of Alignment, Oculus
Madrigosa Dragon Dragon killed by Brutallus and resurrected as Felmyst by his fel blood Deceased Dead Scar, Sunwell Plateau
Narygos Dragon Servant of Kalecgos Alive Unknown
Sapphiron Dragon Killed and resurrected as frost wyrm by Arthas Menethil, guardian of Kel’Thuzad’s inner sanctum Deceased-Killable Frostwyrm Lair, Naxxramas
Stellagosa Drake Granddaughter of Senegos Alive Various
Varos Cloudstrider Drakonid Azure-Lord of the Blue Dragonflight, leader of the military forces in the Oculus Killable Band of Acceleration, Oculus


  • A sole blue dragon is known to have been a part of the Council of Tirisfal.
  • The blue dragonflight, or at the very least Stellagosa, are capable of seeing the ley lines even while the lines are underground.

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