Boundless Realms PoE Divination Card

Map Divination Card: Boundless Realms

Boundless Realms is a divination card. A set of four can be exchanged for a random normal map.

  • 6x Boundless Realms = 1x random Map

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Boundless Realms

Boundless Realms Drop Location

Boundless Realms can be dropped in the following areas: 
The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8) • The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8) • Ivory Temple Map • Temple Map

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More Div Cards should drop in ALL maps

Besides The Gambler I think there are a few more cards, and 2 upcoming cards that should be found in ALL maps.

  1. Her Mask, this one only from in white maps, I really think it should be included in atleast yellow maps too, because in red maps, if you have the fragments you generally want to use them.
  2. Rain of Chaos, its 1 chaos for 8 cards, lets just make it an all map card and make it so you average maybe 2 per map. No noble or epic reason behind this. I mean yeah we can run Village Ruins all day to get these but its 1/8 so come on.
  3. Boundless Realms, This one gives a random white map so it stands to reason that this would drop in yellow maps, maybe t8+. I mean it would be beyond broken if you could farm Tropical Islands all day for t15’s right? Also I HOPE its rarity is about 1:1 maps or better otherwise this card is basically useless.
  4. Shards of Fate, another new card, gives a Vivid Jewel for us who like to spend countless alts rolling stuff. Again I think this one should be an every map card, simply because yeah it gives a great crafting base, but you need to aug something good and then regal something good. I’m sure this will be put into some zone no one will ever farm tho. RIP
  5. Lantador’s Lost Love, 7 cards for a rare two stone. I mean I guess this card has high potential and everything but for cards without level restrictions I always wait till 80 to turn them in and I would imagine alot of others do also so why not make it an all map card and get it over with.

Counter arguments, I can’t come up with any. Depending on the way Boundless Realms is balanced theres no reason these few cards can’t be added to the “drop in any map” pool with The Gunballer, I mean Gambler.

Results of 30 Gamber sets

Listed in no particular order:

1x the Incantaction

1x The Doppelganger

1x The King’s Blade

3x Emperor’s Luck

1x Boundless Realms

2x Vinia’s Token

1x Hunters Resolve

1x Humility

2x The Metalsmith’s Gift

2x Loyalty

1x The Flora’s Gift

1x Mitts

1x Destined to Crumble

3x Rain of Chaos

1x Three Faces in the Dark

1x The Lunaris Priestess

3x The Catalyst

1x The Gemcutter

1x Jack in the Box

1x The Scholar

1x The Last One Standing (only one thats really worth anything to my understanding)

Pretty small sample size but could be interesting to some none the less.

Some thoughts on upgrades for lackluster Divination Cards (Carrion Crow, King’s Blade, Web etc.)

I’ll be listing these in alphabetical order. Please note that they’re intended only to serve as brainstorming, not a fully balanced setup.

(Also: I’m generally steering clear of supporter cards.)

Boundless Realms

Now drops a Magic Map with the exclusive “Unbound” prefix, preventing it from consuming sextant uses when run.

This adds a unique utility to the maps dropped from this card, allowing you to run oddball maps without disrupting sextant arrangement (i.e. if you need a Pantheon power or a tweak to Elder/Shaper positioning). It’s a small tweak, but valuable.

Struck by Lightning

Change the modifier from “Electrocuting” to a new discrete prefix “Voltaic”, with 6–8 to 50–56 flat lightning added to all hits (this is a range slightly inferior to Shaper’s flat lightning and Electrocuting). This majorly boosts the versatility of the modifier and makes the card vaguely desirable instead of vendor trash.

The Carrion Crow

Concise little change here — make the life roll always grant the highest possible life that doesn’t increase the level requirement over the base’s requirement, up to a cap of two tiers down from the maximum that slot can roll (disregarding item level). Boom, instant viable card for good twink or leveling gear.

The Endurance

Change it to grant a “Vivid Crimson Jewel of Endurance” — “of Endurance” is a unique suffix granting 7% increased global defences and 6–10% increased armor. Adjust rarity if necessary.

This creates a much more valuable defensive jewel befitting the florid description — additionally, due to the Crimson base, there can’t be any energy shield abuse.

The Explorer

Add an “of Wild Lands” suffix, randomly granting one modifier from the following: Tempest, Warbands or Talisman. The lattermost modifier has an excellent interaction with Call of the First Ones, allowing talisman upgrade in non-talisman leagues (if you’re determined enough to have gotten five talismans of different types).

The King’s Blade

Introduce an alternate, hybrid prefix entitled “Daresso’s”, with 122–140% increased Physical Damage and 10–15% increased cooldown recovery for attack skills (most notably affecting counterattack skills, Vigilant Strike, and Flicker Strike).

This provides a cool new twist that’s highly thematic and befitting of the Daresso flavor — it encourages craftiness over straight-up firepower, and with the improvement to counterattacks, would be right at home in a Gladiator setup.

The Web

Make it a rare Weapon of Crafting (no other affixes). The point of the item is to be fully craftable, so it may as well go all the way. Worst case scenario is you have a crafted weapon — that can’t really screw up balance too badly, can it?