Still Can’t Install WoW Addons, Please Help

I have followed your instructions to install World of Warcraft addons but I still can’t install them. The addons button in the bottom corner of the character selection screen isn’t appearing at all. How can I get this to work so I can use my WoW addons?

I have actually been getting a ton of email and questions about this very thing. I guess I really wasn’t as clear with the instructions as I thought I was. So, let’s see if this will help out some people that are still having issues with this.

Step #1:
Find the World of Warcraft addon you want to install. This step is going to be the easiest of the steps to complete as most of you reading this right now already have that part figured out.

Step #2:
Download the WoW addon from the web. You must always download the addons from a trusted source because you may run into viruses/keyloggers if you download from an untrusted source. I usually download from or you may also want to visit the WoW UI section of the website as well. I usually just download the file to my desktop so I will know where it is and it makes it easier to work with. This will be downloaded to your computer as a zip file which will look like:

Step #3:
Now you must extract the WoW addon files from the zip file we downloaded to our desktop in Step #2. In order to do this just right click on the file. Click “Extract All…” which will open up the Windows Extraction wizard. I then usually follow the instructions and extract the files into a folder on the desktopthat is named after the zip file we downloaded. Don’t worry about this too much as the Extraction Wizard defaults to this directory. After the file is extracted, make sure there is a checkmark in the box that says “Show extracted files” and then just click on finish. It will open up the extracted files in a seperate window.

Step #4:
Now that we have the files extracted now we must copy the directory that actually holds the addon. The easiest way to do this is navigate around and see which folder holds the addon files and not just another directory or it will not be recognized by WoW. So just double click on the folder and if that folder has a lot of XML files as well as LUA files then we found the correct directory. Click on the back button, right click on the directory name and then click on Copy.

Step #5:
Now we have the addon copied and we will put it into the WoW Addons directory. Click on My Computer next double click on Local Disk (C:), then double click on Program Files, next double click on World of Warcraft. That will put you into the WoW directory. Double click on Interface, then Addons and that lands us in the Addons folder. Here you will see a lot of other folders that start with Blizzard_ and those are different default addons that World of Warcraft uses. Ok, since we are here now right click in an open spot and click on Paste. That will put the addon in the Addons directory.

Step #6:
Check to make sure it is installed correctly. You can do this by loading up World of Warcraft and on the character selection screen in the bottom left corner there will be a button that says Addons which will let you manage your addons. If that button is there then you have the addon put into the correct directory. Also you may want to read any readme.txt files in the addon’s folder as well for addon specific notes.

That’s all there is to it. I really wanted to get this up quickly so it is posted but I am working on also adding screenshots of the different steps to help make it that much clearer and easier to follow as well.

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