WoW Enchanted Cauldron

Enchanted Cauldron

Enchanted Cauldron

Battle Pet

Profession: Legion Enchanting
Formula: Enchanted Cauldron

“Strega the Hag enchanted her cauldron to prevent it from tipping over and spilling hot soup. She never expected it to achieve sentience and attempt to murder her.”

Learned From (3)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Enchanted Cauldron
1Crafted Companion Pets
1 Companion Pets
1 Companion Pets

Learns (6)

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
Hot Soup Level 1
Aquatic 15100%
Renewing Mists Level 2
Aquatic 3 rounds100%
Whirlpool Level 4
Aquatic 3 rounds2 rounds100%
Burn Level 10
Elemental 21100%
Heat Up Level 15
Elemental 4 rounds3 rounds100%
Extra Plating Level 20
Mechanical 4 rounds3 rounds100%

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