WoW Fun Guss

Fun Guss

Fun Guss

Battle Pet

Vendor: Cortinarius
Zone: Ardenweald
Faction: Marasmius - Friendly
Covenant: Night Fae
Cost: 250 Polished Pet Charm

“This particular tiny tree is infested with strange spores and doesn't seem to mind.”

Learned From (1)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fun Guss
1 Companion Pets

Learns (12)

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
Flame Breath Level 1
Dragon 164 rounds100%
Lash Level 1
Elemental 1050%
Scorched Earth Level 2
Dragon 273 rounds9 rounds100%
Plant Level 2
Elemental 12
Weald Wall Level 4
Elemental 5 rounds100%
Fire Shield Level 4
Elemental 5 rounds3 rounds100%
Burn Level 10
Elemental 21100%
Thrash Level 10
Beast 1050%
Healing Flame Level 15
Dragon 503 rounds100%
Entangling Roots Level 15
Elemental 3 rounds1 round100%
Flame Jet Level 20
Elemental 304 rounds3 rounds50%
Stun Seed Level 20
Elemental 5 rounds2 rounds100%

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