WoW Infernal Pyreclaw

Infernal Pyreclaw

Infernal Pyreclaw

Battle Pet

Drop: Majordomo Staghelm
Zone: Firelands

“During his time in the Firelands, Fandral would often grow bored and work shaping magic on the local flora and fauna.”

Criteria of (1)

Name Side Points Reward Category
Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm Collect all of the battle pets listed below from Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, Firelands, and Dragon Soul.
Item Reward: Amalgam of Destruction

Learned From (1)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fandral's Pet Carrier
1Looted Companion Pets

Learns (6)

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
Adrenaline Rush Level 1
Critter 103 rounds100%
Cleave Level 2
Undead 20100%
Great Sting Level 4
Beast 4 rounds2 rounds100%
Flame Breath Level 10
Dragon 164 rounds100%
Scorched Earth Level 15
Dragon 273 rounds9 rounds100%
Shell Armor Level 20
Beast 5 rounds2 rounds100%

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