WoW Lil' K.T.

Lil' K.T.

Lil' K.T.

Battle Pet

In-Game Shop

This pet is not tradeable.


“In life, Kel'Thuzad betrayed the Kirin Tor and created the Cult of the Damned. In death, he serves the Scourge as the Archlich Lord of Naxxramas.”

Learned From (1)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Lil' Phylactery
1Blizzard Store Companion Pets

Learns (6)

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
Shadow Slash Level 1
Undead 21100%
Siphon Life Level 2
Undead 3 rounds100%
Frost Nova Level 4
Elemental 203 rounds2 rounds100%
Howling Blast Level 10
Elemental 253 rounds100%
Death and Decay Level 15
Undead 9 rounds100%
Curse of Doom Level 20
Undead 5 rounds4 rounds100%

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