WoW Tiny Shale Spider

Tiny Shale Spider

Tiny Shale Spider

Battle Pet

Drop: Jadefang
Zone: Deepholm

“The elemental shale spider is no true arachnid, but it has durability and ferocity that make it feared even in Deepholm.”

Learned From (1)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Tiny Shale Spider
1Looted Companion Pets

Learns (6)

Name Type Power Cooldown Duration Accuracy
Burn Level 1
Elemental 21100%
Sticky Web Level 2
Beast 152 rounds100%
Stone Rush Level 4
Elemental 351 round100%
Leech Life Level 10
Undead 101 round100%
Poison Spit Level 15
Beast 143 rounds100%
Stoneskin Level 20
Magic 5 rounds100%

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