Coveted Possession PoE

Regal Orb Divination Card: Coveted Possession

Coveted Possession is a divination card. A set of nine can be exchanged for five Regal Orbs.

  • 9x Coveted Possession = 5x Regal Orb

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Coveted Possessio

Coveted Possession Drop Location

Coveted Possession can be dropped in the following areas: 
The Catacombs • The Ossuary (Act 5) • The Ossuary (Act 10) • Bone Crypt Map

The Catacombs:

The Catacombs is an area in Act 3. This area is connected to The Marketplace. Similar to The Crypt Level 2, this area is a maze of rooms that ends at a large bridge. In rooms with bottomless pits, Ink Spinners will climb up from the darkness and attack players. Monsters deal primarily cold damage and necromancers use the curse Frostbite, so high cold resistance is strongly recommended.

Regal Orb

A Regal Orb is a PoE Currency item that can be used to upgrade a piece of magic equipment to rare. The current modifiers are all retained and one new random affix is added.

What’s the deal with the coveted possession divination card?

Sold 2 at 4c each and I see them being listed for ridiculous prices on Yet I can’t sell my regals for 1.5c each. Do they do something other than convert 9 into 5 regals or something? Why not just buy regals at much lower prices.

if you are on a temp league then people use them for the redeem divination card set challenges.

A Discussion on Pricing Divination Cards

Today has been an interesting day for me as I went ahead and tried to buy up a bunch of sets for the challenge. Many cards were fairly priced and reflected the price of the reward for turning in the set, with of course a reasonable markup since people like myself are buying these for the challenge. If an item sells for 40c, I might expect to pay 50–60c altogether for the set of cards.

With a few sets however, people seem to have put little to no thought into the price, and don’t seem to want to be reasoned with. “Coveted Possession” for example requires 9 cards to complete a set, and rewards the player with 5x Regal Orbs. I believe Regals are worth 2.5c, but for this example let’s just say 3c.

5x Regals valued at 3c = 15 Chaos

15c/9 cards means each card has an actual value of about 1 2/3 chaos. A fair price for the card is probably about 2.5 to 4 chaos. 14 of the 16 sellers at this hour have no listed price. Two individuals who aren’t even online (Scam conspiracy theory?) have listed theirs at 8c and 15c respectively. The people without buyouts seem to be going based off that information and think their item is worth that much.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • We’re only a few weeks into the League. There is no panic mode yet of people wanting to snatch up all the cards for the challenge, and the people racing for the challenge have already completed it. Perhaps as the League draws to a close you can gouge prices, but it shouldn’t be happening right now with months to go.
  • Keep in mind the value of the reward for a full set when thinking about the price for an individual card. The cheapest Whispering Ice on Warbands at the moment is 4ex, The Incantation card to get the item requires 4 for a full set, and is currently priced about 1ex. I was able to buy 4 cards, 36c for 1, 75c for 2, and 40c for the last, spending 151c. 4ex is worth about 204c, so I made a profit of 53c without even having to get it 6 socketed.

This is an example of people setting the price too low, they could easily be selling the card for 1.25–1.5ex a piece and it would be a fair price. As it stands, you could buy the cards, get the achievement done and sell the staff to break even, or potentially even make profit as I did if you’re able to haggle for a cheaper price.


Figure out the value of the reward for turning in the set measured in either chaos or exalts, divide by the number of cards needed to complete the set, and multiply by 1.25–1.5 depending on how fast you’re looking to sell vs how much profit you want to squeeze out of the item.

(Value of Full Set Reward/Number of Cards to Complete Set)*Profit Multiplier