Wrath Classic Cradle of the Frostbrood

Cradle of the Frostbrood

StartKoltira Deathweaver
World questNo
ReputationWarsong Offensive +250
RewardsChoose one of:
[Axe of Bloodstained Ice]
[Wyrmstalker's Bow]
[Reanimator's Hacker]
[Corrupter's Shanker]
[Necrolord's Sacrificial Dagger]
7 40
NextWhere Dragons Fell

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Koltira Deathweaver aboard Orgrim's Hammer wants you to slay 5 Wyrm Reanimators, 8 Cultist Corrupters and 3 Vrykul Necrolords at Sindragosa's Fall.

  •  Wyrm Reanimator slain (5)
  •  Cultist Corrupter slain (8)
  •  Vrykul Necrolord slain (3)


We need to keep our momentum going. Let's not give the Scourge forces any respite.

Sindragosa's Fall lies east just beyond the Valley of Lost Hope. The Cult of the Damned operate there, under close supervision of the Lich King's undead Vrykul lackeys.

It is a place of great power, possibly a blue dragonflight graveyard. The feared Frostbrood are raised there from the bones of blue dragons.

An attack there would have great impact on the enemy's access to Frost Wyrms. Are you up to it, <name>?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
[Axe of Bloodstained Ice] [Wyrmstalker's Bow]
[Reanimator's Hacker] [Corrupter's Shanker]
[Necrolord's Sacrificial Dagger]

You will also receive: 7 40


You've done well, <name>. You might want to rest for a while. You look a little pale.


Matthias is at the fall and will pick up where he left off in  [80] Where Dragons Fell.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] Do Your Worst
  2.  [80] Army of the Damned
  3.  [80] Futility /  [80] Futility
  4.  [80] Sindragosa's Fall /  [80] Cradle of the Frostbrood