Flamestrike Macro,Mage Macro Pet,Offensive Macros for Mages

Mage Macro Pet

Flamestrike Macro,Mage Macro Pet,Offensive Macros for Mages 2.x

One-Button Blizzard/Flamestrike
Click for Blizzard, or alt-click for Flamestrike.

    /cast [mod:alt] Flamestrike; Blizzard

Spammable Arcane Missles
This Macro prevents you from interrupting an Arcane Missle cast by recasting too early.

/cast [nochanneling:Arcane Missiles] Arcane Missiles

Interrupt Ice Lance
Mostly for Frost Mages, this Macro stops whatever you were casting and casts Ice Lance.

/cast Ice Lance

Opener Pyroblast
This macro casts Pyroblast when you¡¯re pulling. If you¡¯re out of combat, it casts Fireball.

/cast [nocombat] Pyroblast; Fireball

Modifier Pyroblast
For those with 8/8 Netherwind or similar proc PoM effects, this will ordinarily cast Fireball, but will use Pyroblast instead if you hold Alt. Because of latency, you won¡¯t be able to cast as fast as possible and make use of this. The same was true of old automatic NW macros anyway.

/cast [modifier:alt] Pyroblast; Fireball

Frostbolt (Rank 1) for Kiting
Hold alt for the fast casting snare, or cast your maximum rank.

/cast [modifier:alt] Frostbolt(rank 1); Frostbolt

Stealth Breaker Arcane Explosion
On a normal key press or click, the first macro casts Arcane Explosion (maximum rank), but on a right click it uses Rank 1. The second option automatically downranks if you're out of combat.

/cast [button:2] Arcane Explosion(Rank 1); Arcane Explosion

/cast [nocombat] Arcane Explosion(Rank 1); Arcane Explosion

One-Button Blizzard/Flamestrike
Click for Blizzard, or alt-click for Flamestrike.

/cast [modifier:alt] Flame Strike; Blizzard

Castsequence Attack Routine
This is a cast sequence designed for mana efficiency - three Scorches and an Arcane Blast. It will reset to Arcane Blast if not pressed for 7 seconds (at least enough time for the debuff to begin to fade).

/castsequence reset=7 Arcane Blast, Scorch, Scorch, Scorch

Friendly Fire Targeting
Replacing spells with this macro will cause you to cast them at your target¡¯s target if you¡¯re targeting a unit which cannot be attacked.

/cast [harm]Fireball; [target=targettarget]Fireball

Cooldown Burners
Automatically casting spells or using trinkets whenever they are cooled down can still be done, if the spells don¡¯t cause a global cooldown when activated. However, any time the trinket or spell is not ready, error text is displayed, error speech is triggered, and the ¡°spell failed¡± sound effect is played. More complex scripts can remove the text, but I have not found a way to remove the failure sound. Regardless, here are two such macros.

/use Zandalarian Hero Charm
/cast Fireball

/cast Combustion
/cast Fireball

I.W.I.N Buttons
These are a number of macros to instantly activate spell enhancers and cast your attack. First, the troll only berserking & haste trinket combo¡­

/use Mind Quickening Gem
/cast Berserking
/cast Fireball

¡­and the classic Presence of Mind, Arcane Power, and trinket macro.
Self Expanatory...

/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Arcane Power
/use Vengeance of the Illidari
/cast Pyroblast

Pet Tricks: the Water Elemental and you.
Spammable Summon & Attack ¨C This will summon your pet, and if pressed again, will set it to attack your target ones the lag on summoning finishes. Spamming is okay, and won¡¯t cause your pet¡¯s first waterbolt to cancel and restart.

/cast [nopet] Summon Water Elemental
/stopmacro [target=pettarget, exists]

Summon & Freeze ¨C Summons or activates the ranged frost nova power, Freeze. Using normal cast commands has been unreliable for this power.

/cast [nopet] Summon Water Elemental
/stopmacro [nopet]
/click PetActionButton5

Dismiss (& Invisibility) ¨C You can use this script to dismiss your pet without using the pet dropdown menu. This particular macro dismisses him and begins your Invisibility fade, so he won't force you into combat unintentionally.

/script PetAbandon
/cast Invisibility