The Burning Crusade Unpacked

The Burning Crusade Unpacked
We sift through the standard and collector's edition retail box content.
by Charles Onyett
January 16, 2007 - As many of you already know, World of Warcraft's long awaited expansion, The Burning Crusade, was unleashed yesterday. Along with many of the eight million strong worldwide community, we unpacked our own retail boxes today. The two SKUs available at retailers, a standard version and collector's edition, happen to differ quite a bit, both in content and size. What kind of useless extra junk can you find in the collector's edition

The first difference you'll notice between the standard and collector's versions is the physical size of the boxes. The Burning Crusade collector's edition box towers over the standard, and has an appearance resembling that of an ancient tome of some kind. In actuality, they're both dolled up cardboard. With the standard edition you'll get the CD version of the expansion, which comes on four CDs wrapped in fancy paper sleeves. Two guest pass keys are in there as well, which offer a code so you can play drug dealer and push this addiction onto one of your friends for 10 free days. A game manual and Blizzard product catalogue are also included.

Somebody's been taking their vitamins.

Standard stuff.

It opens up! Exciting!

For those who enjoy spending additional hard-earned cash on things that sit on bookshelves and collect dust, there's the collector's edition. This mammoth box comes packed with a 207 page art book, which actually has some pretty cool sketches in it. The book is divided into sections for races, new WoW art, environments, monsters, weapons and armor, cinematics, and card art from the trading card game. Inside the book's large, glossy pages you'll find concept art for enemies like Pit Lords, Fungal Monsters, Wrath Guards, and Warp Stalkers, as well as for a bunch of new environments and weapons. Other extras include a mouse pad imprinted with a map of the Outlands, a behind the scenes Burning Crusade DVD, 36 cards for the trading card game as well as a manual for how to play, and a Burning Crusade soundtrack. A CD version of the expansion is packed in, this time in a jewel case instead of paper sleeves, as well as a DVD version in its own cardboard case. Like the standard edition, you'll also find a game manual, two guest passes, and a Blizzard product catalogue.