Region Levels for World of Warcraft & The Burning Crusade

Region Levels for World of Warcraft & The Burning Crusade


Region Level PvP
Hellfire Penninsula (TBC) 58-63 Contested

Zangar Marsh (TBC) 60-64 Contested

Terokkar Forest (TBC) 62-65 Contested

Nagrand (TBC) 64-67 Contested

Blade's Edge Mountains (TBC) 65-68 Contested

Netherstorm (TBC) 67-70 Contested

Shadowmoon Valley (TBC) 67-70 Contested

Eastern Kingdoms
Region Level PvP Notes
Elwynn Forest 1-10 Alliance Human Starting

Eversong Forest (TBC) 1-10 Horde Blood Elf Starting

Dun Morogh 1-10 Alliance Dwarf/Gnome Starting

Tirisfal Glades 1-10 Horde Undead Starting

Ghostlands (TBC) 10-20 Horde Blood Elf Favored

Loch Modan 10-20 Alliance Dwarf Favored

Silverpine Forest 10-20 Horde Undead Favored

Westfall 10-20 Alliance Human Favored

Redridge Mountains 15-25 Contested Alliance Favored

Duskwood 18-30 Contested Alliance Favored

Hillsbrad Foothills 20-30 Contested

Wetlands 20-30 Contested Alliance Favored

Alterac Mountains 30-40 Contested

Arathi Highlands 30-40 Contested

Stranglethorn Vale 30-45 Contested

Badlands 35-45 Contested

Swamp of Sorrows 35-45 Contested Horde Favored

The Hinterlands 45-50 Contested

Searing Gorge 43-50 Contested

The Blasted Lands 45-55 Contested

Burning Steppes 50-58 Contested

Western Plaguelands 51-58 Contested

Eastern Plaguelands 53-60 Contested

Deadwind Pass 55-60 Contested


Region Level PvP Notes
Azuremyst Isle (TBC) 1-10 Alliance Draenei Starting

Bloodmyst Isle (TBC) 10-20 Alliance Draenei Favored

Durotar 1-10 Horde Orc/Troll Starting

Mulgore 1-10 Horde Tauren Starting

Teldrassil 1-10 Alliance Night Elf Starting

Darkshore 10-20 Alliance Night Elf Favored

The Barrens 10-25 Horde Horde Favored

Stonetalon Mountains 15-27 Contested Horde Favored

Ashenvale Forest 18-30 Contested Alliance Favored

Thousand Needles 25-35 Contested Horde Favored

Desolace 30-40 Contested Horde Favored

Dustwallow Marsh 35-45 Contested

Feralas 40-50 Contested

Tanaris Desert 40-50 Contested

Azshara 45-55 Contested

Felwood 48-55 Contested

Un'Goro Crater 48-55 Contested

Silithus 55-60 Contested

Winterspring 53-60 Contested