Burning Crusade First Impressions

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Burning Crusade First Impressions
Gamers With Jobs has posted an article with first impressions from The Burning Crusade along with several screenshots:
The expansion is, in short, grand and almost overwhelming in its scope. Sixteen hours of play, usually a reasonable volume of time to get a firm grasp on even epic games, grants me only the barest glimpse of what awaits. To speak in an informed manner on the full scope of the expansion, to be able to talk about flying mounts, and socketed items, and jewelcrafting, and the new epic raids, and the full potential of the new classes, and the new PvP areas, and the new post-60 talents and abilities and the hundreds or thousands of tiny Blizzard touches that consistently elevates their products above most others will require hundreds of hours on top of the hundreds of hours countless players have already invested.

But, this first impression is incredibly positive, and fairly representative of the mood of the player base. Server stability and population maintenance in the aftermath of the launch was near flawless, a starling result for a game trying to manage eight million players. The party atmosphere that anxiously awaited the opening of the Dark Portal hasn't really abated, and the reaction to the new worlds of warcraft has, it seems, exceeded the incredible expectations of many players.

It seems that The Burning Crusade is exactly what many players hoped it might be. Maybe even better.

The Burning Crusade Review
The guys over at VE3D have published their The Burning Crusade Review for us check out. Go give it a read...
Quest-wise, you need not worry. The new starting areas have numerous quests to do, and in the case of Draenei, there are a few cool twists, such as being able to ride an elephant mount around the zone at Level 10. Graphically, I found the Blood Elf starter area to be exceptional and definitely one of the most euphoric areas in the game—I think most of you will agree with me on this.

From what I could see, Blizzard has done a great job of offering introductory areas for people to play through, and the Horde side will definitely get a boost by having a "pretty" race to appeal to people who didn't like that faction earlier. I know I am considering raising a Blood Elf Rogue to try out the Horde side, something I never did except in the original WoW beta back in early 2004.