Death PoE - Mon'tregul's Grasp Divination Card

Mon’tregul’s Grasp Divination Card: Death

Mon’tregul’s Grasp is a unique Void Sceptre. Death is a divination card.

  • 4x Death = 1x Mon’tregul’s Grasp

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Death PoE

Death Drop Location

Death can be dropped in the following areas: 
The Karui Fortress(Act 6) • Bog Map • Flooded Mine Map • Marshes Map • Mud Geyser Map

With an Exalted Orb, you can exchange for a lot of this item.

Divination card “Death” drops from level 72 Bog map.

I’m actually using it, with a work in — progress build. Mainly it’s focusing to get me as tanky as possible. (aiming maxblock, sitting at 60/30, 50% DR without granite) SRS as my main damage dealer, i got so tired due all SRS is so squichy nowadays, compared to what i’m used to.

All in all, I’ve 3 super strong zombies and 2 revenant spirits as an extra layer of dps/defence. It’s working out great so far. Granted it’s not a party-carrying build. At the moment 3-mans is fine, but more than that, you’ll wish you were a pure SRS. :D

But there’s nieche uses for it still, atleast i’m trying to get it to be. :) (mainly the res/hp/ random explotion, but rarely happens due srs wrecks everything before.)

But ye in regular summoner builds it’s hardly worth it anymore. There’s so many much better options out there.

If you Hide the “Death” Card in your filter make sure the new T1 “Beauty Through Death” Card is Above as to not Hide it

So I found in my filter I had the Card “Death” hidden and above my T1 Card Rule which includes “Beauty Through Death” so it was hidden. In order to combat this make your T1 at the top and the Hides below. Happy Hunting Exiles!

Likewise with “Wolf” and “Wolf’s Shadow” except with those two the more worthless card has a longer name. So either way, you’ll need an exception block for one of the cards.

To explain clearly — If your shit div card block is above your good div card block, you’ll need an exception for Beauty through Death or it’ll get flagged as a shit card by Death. If your good div card block is above your shit div card block, then you’ll need the exception for Wolf’s Shadow or it’ll start getting flagged as a good card by The Wolf.