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Dungeon Fighter Online Information
Dungeon Fighter Online is a multiplayer PC beat 'em up video game developed and published by Neople, previously published by Nexon and originally published by Hangame.
Initial release date: August 2005
Developer: Neople
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Publishers: Garena, Nexon, Neople, Hangame, Tencent, Naver
Dfo Gold Guide

From personal experience this time around, I think Dragon Road event is the best way to make money.

Not really from drops, but the gold pots. I have a bunch of low level chars above 20, and I am not even trying to win.

On an average run, I can get 6-8 gold pots from 5 entry on each character. That's 300k even with the worst luck. The more character the more you get, and getting to lv20 is pretty easy. So if you want you could even make alt accounts for this event if you are really hardcore.

1) Watchers of Nachos. Kulundal. Unrefined nen is about 700k+ if you run it enough times. Eventually sell the magic stone bead you farm up.

2) Mirror Arad. Sell Endless Eternities.

3) AoA. Get medals. Takes like 5min. a day.

4) Slayer Power Station for uniques but its a bit of a gamble. Clear is decent gold.

Farming Noire Ferra and stocking up Apostle Remnants for when we get the Gracia Legendary set might be a good idea, since it's BiS for many classes outside of epic sets so they'll probably spike in price. They are also affected by 2x drop rate weekends alongside demon invites and challenges.
Dfo Characters
Dungeon Fighter Online features fifteen primary classes. Each class bears its own unique set of fighting skills necessary to face off against the dangerous monsters and creatures that dwell in the dungeons of Arad. As adventurers rise in level, each class can specialize further into subclasses, opening up even more skills.

The thirteen basic classes in Dungeon Fighter Online are:

  • Male Slayer
  • Female Slayer
  • Male Fighter
  • Female Fighter
  • Male Gunner
  • Female Gunner
  • Male Mage
  • Female Mage
  • Male Priest
  • Female Priest
  • Thief
  • Knight
  • Demonic Lancer

Two of the fifteen classes, however, is more unique compared to the thirteen basic classes in terms of gameplay, growth and design. The only stipulation is that unlike the regular classes, they are only accessible if one regular character of any class is level 70 or above. These two classes are:

  • Dark Knight, a combo-based Male Slayer variant.
  • Creator, a Female Mage variant that can unleash destructive elemental barrages with only a mouse instead of hotkeys.

Each class listed can further specialize into a sub-class at level 15 by completing a specific quest chain. Upon completion, the character will become the new specialized class and receive a class-exclusive cosmetic change (e.g. Berserker - glowing red eyes). Your choice of subclass will dramatically affect your character's play experience in a number of ways, as each subclass possesses their own unique mechanics and thematic differences. But if in doubt, just pick the subclass that you think resonates most with you.

Class List

Anything denoted by an asterisk (*) is based on overseas content. Names are subject to change at any time.

Base Class Sub Class 1st Awakening Title 2nd Awakening Title
Male Slayer Blade Master Grand Master Omniblade
Soul Bender Soul Reaper Dark Lord
Berserker Hell Bringer Blood Evil
Asura Silent Eye Indra
Female Slayer Sword Master Noblesse Majesty
Demon Slayer Demonbane Deicide
Vagabond Dualist Sword Dancer
Dark Templar Dark Empress Nemesis
Male Fighter Nen Master Radiant Lion Nen Emperor
Striker Dragon Fist Tyrant
Brawler Rampager Hades
Grappler Juggernaut Titan
Female Fighter Nen Master Blazing Flower Nen Empress
Striker Champion Kaiser
Brawler Hellcat Black Widow
Grappler Dervish Ultimate Diva
Male Gunner Ranger Desperado Raven
Launcher Wrecking Ball Destroyer
Mechanic Machinist Prime
Spitfire General Marshal
Female Gunner Ranger Bloodia Crimson Rose
Launcher Demolitionist Storm Bringer
Mechanic Metalheart Optimus
Spitfire Valkyrie Freyja
Male Mage Elemental Bomber Warlock Oblivion
Glacial Master Hell Freezer Eternal
Blood Mage Bloodseeker Vampire Lord
Swift Master Tempest Aiolos
Dimension Walker Divergent Ascendant
Female Mage Elementalist Archmage Overmind
Summoner Lunar Princess Eclipse
Battle Mage Bellatrix Astarte
Witch Trickster Geniewiz
Male Priest Crusader Paladin Saint
Monk Templar Justice
Exorcist Hyperion Draconid
Avenger Doom Guardian Immortal
Female Priest Crusader Evangelist Seraph
Inquisitor Hellkite Inferno
Shaman Oracle Divineress
Mistress Sin Sayer Redeemer
Thief Rogue Silver Moon Alcyone
Necromancer Defiler Thanatos
Kunoichi Izunabi Shiranui
Shadow Dancer Nightmare Grim Reaper
Knight Elven Knight Peacemaker Gaia
Chaos Demon Queen Demon God
Guardian Angel Lightbringer Savior*
Dragonborn Tiamat Dreadnaught*
Demonic Lancer Vanguard Revenant Warlord
Skirmisher Highlander Durandal
Dark Lancer* Rampager* Erebus*
Dragonian Lancer* Leviathan* Genocider*

For help deciding on a class, try the Class Comparison tables.

The limit to the amount of characters per account is 21. The amount of characters per account can be expanded through character slot coupons that are sold in the Cera shop or given out during events.

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