Diablo 4 Blood Bishop

Blood Bishop Diablo IV

The Blood Bishop is an boss in Diablo IV. He utilizes blood magic.

Diablo 4 Blood Bishop

The Blood Bishop is fought in the Monolith of the Bloodmancer.

The Blood Bishop utilizes a tentacle attack, though is primarily a caster that can cast direct damage and AOE ‘bombs’ for area denial.


Visually, the Blood Bishop was conceived as a high-level boss based on vampiric blood and magic. The developers wanted to double down on the notion of a heart shape, representing the bishop’s use of blood magic. This led to the notion of arteries creating these blood clots that explode to cast the AOE effect design needs.

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Religious figure turned evil

Blizzard says the Blood Bishop is a former bishop that turned to the ways of evil. He’s still dressed in bishop garb; however, his whole body is now red and pulses with blood. Behind his back, where a cape would be worn, he has a few long, stringy veins that pulsate.

“We call this guy the blood bishop. He was a bishop before and committed a lot of evil things.”

Vein grab attack

At some points in combat, the Blood Bishop will lash out at the player with his veins, as if they were hands, and grab the player. While the player is held, blood is seen spurting from the player.

Diablo 4 Vein grab attack

The Blood Bishop grabbing a Druid with its elastic-like veins

Exploding blood sacs attack

The Blood Bishop also creates a system of arteries and veins in which a handful of blood sacs are formed. These blood sacs pulsate for a period of time until they burst, inflicting damage to nearby players.

“We wanted to double down on a heart shape for the function of the blood magic. This naturally led to the notion of arteries making these blood clots that explode and cast the AOE effect design needs.”

Diablo 4 Exploding blood sacs attack

Blood sacs spawned by the Blood Bishop that erupt and injure the player

Blood Bishop gameplay footage

2019’s BlizzCon gave a short glimpse of what fighting the Blood Bishop will be like:

A Rogue and two other players battle the Tomb Lord


  • Sebastian Stepien has speculated that the Blood Bishop was a (normal) bishop in his earlier life, and did lots of evil things.

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