Diablo 4 Imprisoned Spirit’s – Offensive

Calling all Diablo 4 Necromancers! Season 5 brings exciting new ways to unleash your dark magic, and the Imprisoned Spirit’s Aspect is a prime example for those seeking a more offensive playstyle.

This Legendary Aspect specifically enhances your Bone Spirit skill, transforming it into a potent tool for controlling and decimating enemies trapped within your Bone Prison.

  • When Bone Spirit explodes inside a Bone Prison, it explodes an additional time, dealing 40-70% of normal damage.
  • Bone Spirit now prioritizes enemies inside a Bone Prison.

Here’s what the Imprisoned Spirit’s Aspect offers:

Double the Detonation: When your Bone Spirit explodes within a Bone Prison, it erupts a second time, dealing significant additional damage (40-70% of the normal Bone Spirit damage). This creates a devastating zone of destruction within your prison, punishing enemies foolish enough to linger.

Prioritized Targets: Bone Spirit now intelligently prioritizes enemies trapped within your Bone Prison. This ensures maximum damage output and eliminates the need for precise aiming when your foes are conveniently contained.

Diablo 4 gold can be earned by completing quests.

How to Utilize this Aspect Effectively:

Bone Prison Synergy: The Imprisoned Spirit’s Aspect truly shines when combined with the Bone Prison skill. Use Bone Prison strategically to trap enemies, then unleash Bone Spirit to trigger the devastating double explosion.

Maximize Damage: Gear and skills that enhance Bone Spirit damage will directly benefit from the Imprisoned Spirit’s Aspect. Focus on maximizing your Bone Spirit’s power to witness even more impressive secondary explosions.

Area Control and Annihilation: This Aspect excels at controlling enemy movement and dealing heavy area damage. Use it to strategically manipulate enemy positioning and unleash Bone Spirit for maximum carnage.

The Imprisoned Spirit’s Aspect injects a powerful offensive boost to your Bone Spirit, making it a valuable tool for Necromancers seeking to dominate the battlefield in Season 5. Remember, effective use of Bone Prison remains key to maximizing this Aspect’s potential. So, hone your skills, unleash your dark magic, and watch your enemies crumble before the might of your enhanced Bone Spirit!

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