Dialla's Subjugation PoE

Superior Support Gem Divination Card: Dialla’s Subjugation

Dialla’s Subjugation is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for a random corrupted support gem with 23% quality.

  • 6x Dialla’s Subjugation = 1x Corrupted Superior Support Gem(Quality: +23%)

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Dialla's Subjugation

Dialla’s Subjugation Drop Location

Dialla’s Subjugation can be dropped in the following areas: 
Ivory Temple Map • Temple Map

To get this item, you must earn currency items at first and then exchange for it.

Why hasn’t this card been found yet?

Looks like it was not added with 2.3.2 patch, at least it’s not mentioned in patchnotes: Added thirteen new Divination Cards: Dialla’s Subjugation, Light and Truth, Lucky Deck, The Calling, The Endurance, The Formless Sea, The Penitent, The Sephirot, The Soul, The Tyrant, The Valkyrie, The Visionary and The Wolf.

challenge divination card break down

Name — number — reward — location
The Stormcaller — 4 — Agnerod’s Stuff — Torture Chamber
The Surveyor — 4 — Map Tier 14 — core, malformation, phantasmagoria
Death — 4 Mont’regul’s grasp — fetid pool, bog, mud geyser
Earth Drinker — 5 — unique granite flask — dunes
The Penitent — 5 — unique unset ring — ?
Vinia’s Token — 5–10 regrets — crematorium(zone), lunaris, temple
The Fox — 6 — level 20 gem — act 2
The Enlightend — 6 — level 3 enlighten — dry woods
Treasure Hunter — 7 — vaults of atziri — different caves
The Trial — 7 — tier 15 map corrupted — maps
Dialla’s Subjugation — 7 — superior support gem Q23 — temple
Lucky Deck — 9 — stacked deck — jungle valley, terrace, torture chamber

In bold the ones which are the easiest ones in my opinion, penitent seems to be common looking at what he gives, but could be very rare too (voideye, essence worm, warband uniques)

GL with us farming lucky deck,Did LOTS of t7 maps on standard and i get like 1 every 20 map and iam lucky like that :O