Divine Justice PoE

Divine Justice Divination Card: unique helmet

Divine Justice is a divination card. It can be exchanged for a random unique helmet with a random Eternal Labyrinth enchantment.

  • 1x unique helmet(Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment) = 1x Divine Justice

Labyrinth Enchantment

Labyrinth enchantments are a type of enchantment that can be obtained from the Labyrinth. Completing the Labyrinth will allow embuing one piece of equipment with a random enchantment. In the normal Labyrinth, only gloves can be enchanted. In the Cruel Labyrinth, both gloves and boots can be enchanted and in Merciless and Eternal Labyrinths, helmets, gloves and boots can be enchanted. In each successive Labyrinth, higher-tier versions of the enchantments from the previous Labyrinth become available.

Enchantments are added by using the Enchant currency item found in the divine font at the end of the Labyrinth and applying it to an item.

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Divine Justice

Divine Justice Drop Location

The drop location of Divine Justice is Defiled Cathedral Map. Drops from Armourer’s Strongboxes.

Find the divination card

I got this div card from the plaza map boss (who happens to be the green lady with Izaro as the boss). I remember some thread about people asking where it dropped and I’m 100% certain I got it from there. Just thought I’d let you guys know where to get it. The card even has the boss on it lol. Maybe the other map which has the goddess statue as the boss drops it too?

Its not really about the starkonja or rats nest. The chance of getting that helm from the card is tiny, the chance of getting something good on it is even tinier. Its about getting stuff that you wouldn’t normally enchant with a sick enchant on it. If you hit the right thing it can be worth multiple ex to the right person because that helm wouldn’t even exist otherwise.

An example of the top of my head would be Geofri’s Crest. Would any lab runner try to turn a profit mass enchant that helm? Hell no they wouldn’t, but if you land a good minion enchant on it it would easily be worth multiple ex in this meta.

Divinie Justice — PoE 3.9

I’m very happy that my card has reached 3.9, and even more happy that it’s displayed on exilecon!

The idea of this card comes from my friend. I discussed the laboratory enchantment of helmets, and if you are running a super metal helmet, you will not have the enchantment you want on the helmet. So we want to know if we can make a div card, considering that the metamorph ‘s update and the enchanted items have fallen? So I asked, and the answer was, “Oh, that sounds great. We need to let it go and see if we can do it! “ It disappeared from there. A name change must be made because the original name is similar to the offering’s God card.

This card will reward random unique helmets and random timeless lab enchantments.

I didn’t think it was the stack size of 1! I hope those who find one will have good results — if not, I hope to have fun at least!