Wrath Classic Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey

Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey

StartBuck Cantwell
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience21150 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards6 20
PreviousDreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator
NextDreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce

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Buck Cantwell at the Nesingwary Base Camp wants you to identify 3 Shango Tracks from the Dreadsaber Tracks near Bittertide Lake.

  • Shango Track identified (3)


I have heard that the natives tell stories of a large dreadsaber they call Shango. I haven't seen any evidence of this Shango's existence, but my injuries have kept me from venturing outside the camp.

If you fancy yourself something of a tracker, you might be able to find out the truth about Shango. Debaar said she saw some large tracks on her last outing. Go north from the camp toward Bittertide Lake, and search its southern shore for the prints.


You will receive: 6 20


How goes the tracking?


<Buck listens as you recount your findings.>

I think you may have found the proof we need for this Shango. And I think I have an idea as to where we can find him.

Quest progression

  1.  [76] Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator
  2.  [76] Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey
  3.  [76] Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce