Druid/Rogue Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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Those poor Rogues. You have the advantage here, but you need to be very careful about your warriors health, a very well timed Blind+sap combo can give them the time they need to quickly burst down your warrior.
Your warrior needs to be on the rogue. The start of the fight will seem like it is in their favor as their rogue will blow all his cooldowns, but once you get past the first 2 minutes and the rogue runs out, it¡¯s like shooting fish in a barrel, so don't get discouraged if you seem to be behind during the middle of the match.

If the Rogue is on your warrior (most Fights)
-Keep Abolish up on the warrior to prevent the wounds from stacking, and 3xlifebloom/rejuv should be more than enough to heal through the rogue. The other team is at a huge disadvantage here, not only is your warrior doing a lot more damage than the rogue, but the other druid has to heal through the mortal strike debuff.
-When the rogue blows Evasion/Adrenaline rush, you can cyclone/root the rogue and have the warrior switch to the druid. Reason being is that with evasion up, he won¡¯t be doing much damage to the rogue, and with AR up, the rogue will be outdamaging your warrior, so you can maximize the your damage/their damage ratio by switching. Also, if you catch the druid in caster form, it will cost mana to get him to heal himself. When the Rogue¡¯s cooldown is over, swich back.
-Cyclone the other druid whenever you can. This puts the other druid behind on healing, and forces him to use even more mana to catch up and top off his rogue. If you get cycloned and your warrior is under 70%, tell him and have him put a shield on, you don¡¯t want them getting lucky and finishing off your warrior in a cyclone/cyclone/cyclone/bash/sap combo.

If The Rogue is on you(Rare):
Easy. With your warriors help, you can easily get away from a rogue. Hamstring on the rogue, and pillar kite the rogue to keep him on the other side of the pillar. If he catches you, you can feral charge their druid to get some distance. Sinec the rogue is facing away from your warrior, he isn¡¯t dodging or parrying, so he¡¯s eating the broad side of the mace the entire game.

Eventually, The Druid will go oom from keeping the rogue alive, or your warrior will catch some crits and 3-shot the rogue, and you will collect your points.