WOW Arena Tips for Druid/Warrior by Julyalay

WOW Warrior Arena tips Arena Tips for Druid/Warrior

Need help winning in arenas This strategy guide will help you out. I play a Druid/Warrior combination for 2vs2 and have been very successful in this arena bracket. Hopefully this guide will help you out, whether you play this team or are just looking for overall tips.

This will be my first tutorial on how to play the Druid/Warrior combo in World of Warcraft's 2vs2 arena against the Druid/Rogue combination, from your Druid's point of view.

- When the arena match starts, you must try to find a good place to hide in stealth so they do not find you, while your Warrior should be running around in Berserker stance so he can Berserker Rage out of Sap if they jump you after the Sap. If nothing happens after a while, the Second Sight gem will appear, let your Warrior grab that and start beating on the Rogue.

- If the Rogue attacks your Warrior right away, stay in stealth to see if their Druid appears. If he does, and he is far away enough from the Rogue and your Warrior is above 70% health, go ahead and do a Pounce-Claw-Maim combination on him and proceed to the next step. If your Warrior is losing the fight against the Rogue for some reason and their Druid has not appeared, Abolish Poison your Warrior first of all, and then HoT up your Warrior, and throw a Faerie Fire on the Rogue if he hasn't noticed you or the Druid hasn't pounced you already. Then go back into stealth if you can, find a place to drink, and re-do this step.

- If the Rogue is Shadowstep, your Warrior will have to do his best to keep the Rogue off you as he will probably use it to stay on top of you. Since their Druid will be crowd-controlling your Warrior, you may be forced to fend for yourself from time to time. If this happens, check the Rogue's buffs. If he has Cloak of Shadows up, go Bear Form when you are not stunned, then Bash him. If it misses, or he has Evasion up, stay in Bear Form and start moving towards your warrior, Nature's Grasp the Rogue when you can, or when Cloak of Shadows is gone. You can even Feral Charge the other Druid to try to put some distance between you and the Rogue until your Warrior can help you. Switch to Travel Form to run away and heal if you know their Rogue is crowd-controlled or you have put some distance between you and the Rogue. If the Rogue breaks the root, you will have keep HoTs on yourself and try not to get caught in caster or Travel Form until your Warrior is able to Intercept the Rogue. If, however, the Rogue is Combat specced, you both will have to watch for Adrenaline Rush, and cyclone the Rogue and coordinate your Warrior to switch to the Druid until it is gone. Then, it's back to the Rogue.

- Most importantly, cyclone the other Druid whenever you can! This places pressure on the other Druid to keep his Rogue healed, hopefully forcing him to trinket, and wasting mana and cooldowns to bring his Rogue back up. If you get cycloned and your Warrior is under 70%, coordinate and make sure your Warrior knows, he may have to put on his Shield and go into Defensive stance until you are able to heal him again. Three cyclones and Blind would be more than enough to finish of your Warrior, and the only skill you should have to trinket out of is Blind, if you are diligent on keeping your Warrior topped off.

Eventually, the Druid will run out of mana from keeping the Rogue alive, or not be able to heal through the Mortal Strike debuff, and you will earn your arena points.