Elder Scrolls Online: Deconstructing Gear

Deconstructing gear in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a vital process for obtaining crafting materials, gaining inspiration (crafting XP), and improving your crafting skills. This guide will help you understand how to efficiently deconstruct gear, what materials you can obtain, and tips for maximizing the benefits of deconstruction.

Understanding Deconstruction

  1. What is Deconstruction?

    • Deconstruction is the process of breaking down gear (weapons, armor, and jewelry) to obtain crafting materials and crafting experience (inspiration).
    • It is done at crafting stations found in major cities and player homes.
  2. Types of Gear for Deconstruction:

    • Weapons and Armor: Deconstructed at blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking stations.
    • Jewelry: Deconstructed at jewelry crafting stations.

Benefits of Deconstructing Gear

  1. Obtaining Materials:

    • Deconstructing gear provides raw materials (e.g., ingots, leather, wood, and precious metals).
    • You can also obtain rare materials like tempers, tannins, and resins used for improving gear.
  2. Gaining Inspiration:

    • Deconstructing gear grants inspiration points, which are necessary for leveling up your crafting skills.
    • Higher-quality items and items with traits provide more inspiration.
  3. Clearing Inventory:

    • Deconstructing unwanted gear helps manage inventory space.
    • It is a more efficient way to dispose of items than simply selling them for ESO gold.

How to Deconstruct Gear

  1. Visit a Crafting Station:

    • Go to a blacksmithing, clothing, woodworking, or jewelry crafting station.
    • Interact with the station to open the crafting interface.
  2. Select Deconstruct:

    • Choose the "Deconstruct" tab in the crafting interface.
    • A list of items in your inventory that can be deconstructed will appear.
  3. Deconstruct Items:

    • Select the items you wish to deconstruct.
    • Confirm the deconstruction to break down the gear and obtain materials.

Tips for Efficient Deconstruction

  1. Maximize Inspiration Gain:

    • Deconstruct higher-quality items (e.g., blue, purple) to gain more inspiration.
    • Deconstruct gear with traits to receive more inspiration compared to traitless items.
  2. Deconstruct vs. Research:

    • Research traits on items before deconstructing them.
    • Focus on deconstructing items with traits you already know to maximize material gain and inspiration.
  3. Deconstructing Crafted Items:

    • Craft items specifically for deconstruction to level up your crafting skills.
    • Use lower-tier materials to craft items for deconstruction to save on valuable resources.
  4. Trait Knowledge:

    • Items with known traits provide more materials and inspiration when deconstructed.
    • Join crafting guilds or collaborate with other players to exchange and deconstruct items with known traits.
  5. Crafting Writs:

    • Complete daily crafting writs for extra materials and inspiration.
    • Use the items received from writ rewards for deconstruction to gain additional resources.

Advanced Tips

  1. Deconstructing with Alt Characters:

    • Use alternate characters to deconstruct items if their crafting skills are lower.
    • Lower-level characters gain more inspiration from deconstructing items, helping them level up faster.
  2. Use Add-ons:

    • Install add-ons like Craft Store or Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter to manage crafting and deconstruction more efficiently.
    • These add-ons can help track materials, traits, and streamline the crafting process.
  3. Trait Research Strategy:

    • Plan and prioritize your trait research to maximize the benefits of deconstructing items.
    • Research traits on items you frequently use or plan to craft in the future.
  4. Inventory Management:

    • Regularly deconstruct unwanted gear to keep your inventory clear and manage materials efficiently.
    • Store rare and valuable materials in your bank or crafting bag (ESO Plus).


Deconstructing gear in ESO is an essential aspect of crafting that provides valuable materials and helps level up your crafting skills. By understanding the deconstruction process, maximizing inspiration gain, and employing efficient strategies, you can make the most of this activity and enhance your crafting experience.

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