Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing

Fishing in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a relaxing and rewarding activity that allows players to catch various fish and special items. This guide will help you understand the basics of fishing, the different types of water sources, bait, and how to maximize your fishing success.

Basics of Fishing

  1. Fishing Holes:

    • Fishing holes are found in bodies of water throughout Tamriel.
    • They appear as bubbling spots with fish jumping out.
  2. Fishing Process:

    • Approach a fishing hole and press the interaction button.
    • Select the appropriate bait for the water type.
    • Wait for a fish to bite and press the interaction button again to reel it in.

Types of Water Sources and Bait

  1. Foul Water:

    • Bait: Crawlers, Fish Roe
    • Location: Sewers, swamps, and other polluted areas.
    • Example Fish: Trodh, Chub, Longfin
  2. River Water:

    • Bait: Insect Parts, Shad
    • Location: Rivers and streams.
    • Example Fish: River Betty, Spadetail, Dhufish
  3. Lakes:

    • Bait: Guts, Minnow
    • Location: Lakes and large inland bodies of water.
    • Example Fish: Silverside Perch, Fish Roe, Zander
  4. Saltwater:

    • Bait: Worms, Chub
    • Location: Oceans and coastal areas.
    • Example Fish: Dhufish, Longfin, Pyandonean Ray

Special Items and Rare Fish

  1. Perfect Roe:

    • Rarely obtained from filleting common fish.
    • Used in provisioning recipes for crafting special food and drinks.
  2. Fishing Achievements:

    • Completing fishing achievements can grant titles and other rewards.
    • Achievements include catching all rare fish in specific zones.
  3. Special Collectibles:

    • Sometimes fishing can yield special collectibles like treasure maps and crafting materials.

Tips for Successful Fishing

  1. Use the Right Bait:

    • Always use the appropriate bait for the type of water you are fishing in to increase your chances of catching fish.
    • Collect bait while gathering materials or looting containers.
  2. Fish in Groups:

    • Fishing with other players increases the chances of catching rare fish.
    • Group fishing ensures that the fishing hole lasts longer and provides better rewards.
  3. Time of Day and Weather:

    • Some rare fish are more likely to be caught during specific times of the day or weather conditions.
    • Experiment with fishing at different times and conditions to catch all types of fish.
  4. Fish Everywhere:

    • Explore different zones and fish in various water sources to complete fishing achievements.
    • Fishing in multiple locations increases the diversity of your catch.
  5. Use Add-ons:

    • Consider using add-ons like Rare Fish Tracker to keep track of which rare fish you have caught.
    • Add-ons can help identify fishing holes and provide useful fishing statistics.

Maximizing Fishing Profits

  1. Sell Rare Fish:

    • Rare fish and Perfect Roe can be sold for a good amount of ESO gold in guild stores.
    • Monitor market prices and sell when demand is high.
  2. Craft with Perfect Roe:

    • Use Perfect Roe to craft high-demand provisioning items that can be sold for profit.
    • Recipes using Perfect Roe are popular and can fetch a high price.
  3. Treasure Maps and Crafting Materials:

    • Occasionally, fishing will yield treasure maps and rare crafting materials.
    • These items can be valuable and should be kept for personal use or sold.


Fishing in ESO is a rewarding activity that can provide relaxation, valuable items, and achievements. By understanding the different water types, using the right bait, and maximizing your fishing efforts, you can enjoy all the benefits that fishing has to offer.

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