Elder Scrolls Online: Selling PvP Rewards

Participating in PvP activities in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) can yield valuable rewards, including gear, consumables, and currency that can be sold for gold. This guide will help you understand how to maximize your earnings from PvP rewards by selling items efficiently and identifying high-demand goods.

Understanding PvP Rewards

  1. Types of PvP Activities:

    • Cyrodiil: Open-world PvP with large-scale battles and objectives.
    • Battlegrounds: Small-scale, team-based PvP matches.
    • Imperial City: PvPvE zone with valuable loot and Tel Var Stones.
  2. PvP Currencies:

    • Alliance Points (AP): Earned through participating in PvP activities and completing objectives.
    • Tel Var Stones: Obtained by defeating enemies in Imperial City.
  3. Rewards:

    • PvP activities reward you with gear, consumables, crafting materials, and collectibles.
    • Items can be obtained through reward boxes, vendors, and by looting defeated enemies.

Maximizing PvP Earnings

  1. Farming Alliance Points (AP):

    • Participate in large-scale battles and complete PvP objectives like capturing keeps, outposts, and resources.
    • Join PvP groups or zergs to increase your AP gain and share rewards.
  2. Tel Var Stones:

    • Farm Tel Var Stones in Imperial City by defeating enemies and collecting loot.
    • Be cautious of other players who might try to kill you and steal your Tel Var Stones.
  3. Battlegrounds:

    • Join Battlegrounds matches to earn rewards and increase your PvP rank.
    • Focus on completing Battlegrounds daily quests for additional rewards.

High-Demand PvP Rewards

  1. Gear Sets:

    • Certain PvP gear sets are highly sought after for their powerful bonuses.
    • Examples: Ravager, Vicious Death, Transmutation, and Shield Breaker.
    • Sell pieces of these sets in guild stores for a high price.
  2. Alchemy and Enchanting Materials:

    • PvP reward boxes often contain alchemy reagents and enchanting runes.
    • Sell these materials in stacks to maximize your profit.
  3. Consumables:

    • Potions and food items that enhance performance in PvP are in high demand.
    • Examples: Tri-Potions (restore health, magicka, and stamina), Spell Power Potions, and Essence of Immovability.
    • Craft and sell these consumables for a steady income.
  4. Siege Weapons:

    • Siege weapons like Ballistas, Trebuchets, and Siege Shields are essential for PvP.
    • Sell surplus siege weapons in guild stores or trade with other players.

Selling PvP Rewards

  1. Guild Stores:

    • Join active trading guilds with well-placed traders to reach a larger market.
    • List high-demand PvP items at competitive prices to ensure quick sales.
  2. Trade Chat:

    • Use zone chat and trade chat in Cyrodiil and major cities to advertise your items.
    • Be specific about the items you are selling and their prices.
  3. Market Research:

    • Use add-ons like Master Merchant or Tamriel Trade Centre to track item prices and demand.
    • Adjust your prices based on current market trends to stay competitive.
  4. Daily and Weekly Quests:

    • Complete PvP daily and weekly quests to earn additional rewards and sellable items.
    • These quests often provide valuable materials and gear.

Advanced Tips

  1. Storage Management:

    • Keep your inventory and bank organized to efficiently manage your PvP rewards.
    • Use storage chests in your home to store surplus materials and gear.
  2. Trading Efficiency:

    • List items in stacks and at prices that appeal to buyers.
    • Monitor your listings regularly and adjust prices to ensure they sell.
  3. Event Exploitation:

    • Participate in PvP events that offer increased rewards or special items.
    • Stock up on event-specific rewards and sell them when demand is high.
  4. Networking:

    • Build relationships with other PvP players and traders.
    • Trade items directly with players to avoid listing fees and negotiate better deals.


Selling PvP rewards in ESO can be a lucrative way to earn ESO gold. By understanding the types of PvP rewards, maximizing your earnings through efficient farming, and utilizing effective selling strategies, you can significantly boost your income and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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