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Platform:Sony PlayStation 4


Release Date:9 September 2016
ESRB Rating:Mature (17+)
ESRB Content Descriptors:Violence, blood and gore, sexual themes, use of alcohol
PEGI Rating:18
PEGI Content Descriptors:Violence, PEGI Online
Australian Government Rating:Mature (M)
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Developer:ZeniMax Online Studios

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Eso Gold Guide 2017-2018
I’m in PC NA server and this is my personal guide to making gold in ESO. Your own experience may differ especially if you are from a different server. Also I did not include a section about Writs because I haven't really done those purely because I don't like doing them even if it only takes a few minutes. Please feel free to share information on writs.

Guild Trader:

Use zone chat and/or forums to join a guild with a guild trader, but shop around to see which trader best fits you at lowest requirement versus competing guilds in same area. For example one guild trader I joined has 10k weekly sales requirement whereas another in same city requires 100k weekly sales. BIG difference. Maximum listing is capped at 30 listings per trader so you may end up joining more than one.

I experimented with various guild traders and below is how I rank them. Again this is my personal tier list and your experience may vary.

1. Rawl’kha – Everything seems to sell the fastest here, and I can price things a bit higher to boot. Call it convenience fee that people are willing to pay.
2. Capitals of each faction (Mourhold, Wayrest, Elden Root) + Belkarth – Everything sells rather quickly in these locations too.
3. Major cities of each faction + Vivec City, Hollow City – Ranges between Okay to Good. Some cities, such as Daggerfall and Vvardenfell seem to move goods better than others but I’m going to go ahead and put them all in same tier.
4. Minor traders + Anvil, Abah’s Landing, Orsinium – By minor traders I mean those lonely traders you see in random places. These locations do make sales and almost never have any requirements, but I’d still upgrade from these locations as soon as possible unless you don’t carry too much inventory.
5. Refuge traders – I buy stuff from these locations to support them and also because I often find great deals in these locations, but only if I happen to come across them.


First, regardless of which path to riches you take you should install addons below:
*For those on consoles you can access following website to access Tamriel Trade Center:

• Master Merchant (MM)

- Pro: Shows you actual price items were sold at
- Con: Limited to guilds you are in, and therefore data is limited and narrow

• Tamriel Trade Center (TTC)

- Pro: Shows you breakdown of listing prices in average, high and low among other data
- Con: Can be misleading because listing price and sold price can mean very different things

• Harvest Map

- This is one of basic addons that shows you all nodes such as ores and chests. You can download a "master file" and voila, you now have all locations of all resources in the game, including chest locations.

• uespLog (UESP) & Arkadius Trade Tools are other trade add-ons that have been recommended by community. Feel free to try them out!

What you do is use add-ons such as MM & TTC to interpret actual market value. Let’s take couple scenarios below as an example.

Scenario 1: “Infused Green Pact Glove’s TTC’s sampling size is 450 listings with an average listing price of 1500 gold, lowest listing price of 700 gold and highest listing price of 5000 gold. MM’s sampling size is just 2, with sold price coming in at 500 gold.” In this scenario I would list the glove anywhere between 500g and 1500g depending on how fast I want to sell it. Since this is a low value “junk” I might want to just list it at 500g to clear my inventory. 700g might work just as well too since your item will still be THE lowest in the market unless someone recently listed at a price lower than 700g that TTC did not capture yet.

Scenario 2: “Infused Spriggan Dagger’s TTC sampling size is 150 listings with an average listing price of 90,000 gold, lowest listing price of 75,000 gold and highest listing price of 200,000 gold. No MM data available.” In this scenario I would list the dagger anywhere between 88,000 and 110,000 gold depending on how fast I want to sell and also which guild trader I belong in. Unlike the aforementioned Green Pact glove because this is a high value item I’m willing to sit on it for a while. If your guild trader is in the most popular spot, you might be able to sell the dagger at higher price than 110,000 but I like to unload my inventory as soon as possible, but everyone is different. Some might be willing to gamble and also afford the time.


1. Buy low, sell high: Always works in any MMO you play. It’s a gamble that pays off if you are market trend savvy. Payoff is biggest during patch transitions, see PTS section below for more info.
a. Pro tip: If you aren’t actively farming, buy popular mats such as Kuta and Tempering Alloy cheap and sell them for small profit. They are very easy to sell and you’ll find undervalued mats readily available in random guild traders you may come across as you farm Skyshards or whatever you may be doing. This alone will most likely take care of guild trader requirements. Easy to do and win-win situation for all parties involved.

2. Farm popular motifs/recipes. Currently thieving/murdering NPC’s in Vivec City gives you a chance of looting very valuable motifs (Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni). Farming chests in Vvardenfell also has a very small chance of dropping Buoyant Armiger motifs, which can sell for as much as 500k. Farming urns in Vvardenfell (i.e. Dreloth Ancestral Tomb) can net you valuable Morrowind Furnishing recipes as well. Note that current inflated prices are temporary and as with all motifs/recipes there will be a gradual price drop.

3. Farm chests: In general I found this to be the second or third most effective and more entertaining way to make gold, though currently (and temporarily) farming the new motifs above are probably better.
a. Target a zone with high value items such as Spriggan or Spinner sets.
b. Develop a treasure chest route that is most efficient. Note that in certain zones chests are concentrated in certain parts of respective zones. For example if you are farming Spinners there is a cluster of chests concentrated in northernmost part.
c. If you have enough Champion Points have at least one character with 75 points invested in The Shadow to unlock “Treasure Hunter” passive. This allows you to get better quality loots.

4. Farm Dolmens, World Bosses and Public Dungeon Bosses: I tried farming each, but chances of getting what you want is very low and you end up with too many of certain categories of loots. Take Public Dungeon for example. These bosses only drop gloves, shoulders, weapons and shields. Weapons and shields are VERY rare, so you’ll end up with ton of just gloves and shoulders. To be fair the same is true with chests, but they have a chance of dropping everything so your loots will be much more evenly spread out.
a. Delve Bosses: Drops waist or feet set piece
b. Dolmens: 100% chance to drop a ring or amulet set piece. Purple drops are very rare.
c. World Bosses: 100% chance to drop head, chest, legs or weapon set piece. Weapon set pieces are very rare.
d. Public Dungeon Bosses: Have chance to drop shoulder, hand, or weapon set piece. Weapon set pieces are very rare.

5. Farming mats: With recent patch crafted sets became valuable, which means mats became valuable. This has always been a reliable way to make money as they are easy to farm and sell quickly. Until Clockwork City patch (or after) this method might be the best way to make money. Make sure to farm using a character with max craft skills because 50% of the time the mats you see scales to your crafting skill (i.e. Metalworking). Note that Nirncrux has a small chance of dropping from clothing, woodworking and blacksmithing nodes in Craiglorn. Potent Nirncrux can fetch over 10k while Fortified Nirncrux is worth about 2k~3k.
i. Kuta, Tempering Alloy, Ancient Silk and Rosin in particular became valuable.
ii. Dreugh Wax is also valuable but is often farmed by bots and therefore less profitable than others.
iii. Certain Alchemy mats such as Columbine, Corn Flower, Lady's Smock, Mountain Flower and Nirnroot are worth gathering for own use or to sell. Personally I gather all of them because they are always useful.

PTS Server:

• Monitor this forum for potential nerfs/buffs that could make a huge difference in your profitability:

• PTS notes are subject to change, so take below advices:
o Any changes to PTS notes may drastically increase or decrease certain items. Immediately buy now valuable items on the cheap and sell them, but only for a few days. With each day there is a danger of more changes that may nerf the items that you invested in. Mother’s Sorrow was a good example where it became BiS, then unpopular in a matter of days. If you aren’t sure, don’t stress and just wait for patch to become live.
o Don’t go around unloading everything you have that was valuable due to PTS changes. Sharpened Spriggan weapons for example took a huge hit as people started going off on selling frenzy, but the price bounced back once people figured out that it’s still going to be one of BiS items. If you were one of those people you lost a great deal of money. Even if Spriggan weapons did become no longer valuable you still would not have lost too much gold and therefore would have been worth the risk.

• Any changes to sets or others that affect value of certain items can have dramatic changes to the market. Take below for example:
o With recent changes crafted sets became valuable.
- As soon as I saw this I knew raw mats would become valuable so I invested in Kuta and Tempers. I bought about 300 Kuta’s for about 2000g each and sold them for 3500g-4000g each. That alone was about half a mil profit.
o Sharpened became less valuable while Infused and Precise became more valuable.
- I invested in a bunch of Infused/Precise Necropotence & Red Mountain weapons to sell later. However Red Mountain no longer became popular and Necropotence took some hit as well. My investment here was a wash, and my point here is to reinforce the notion that playing with PTS patch notes is a gamble. You can make money, but you can also lose money. Knowledge is key here but the rest is just dumb luck.

Other Tips:

• Most people have this skill but if you don’t, get the Rapid Maneuver skill. It’s from Assault skill line and gives you Major Expedition and more importantly Major Gallop skill which increases your mount speed. You can unlock this skill just by completing a Cyrodiil tutorial quest available at lvl 10. Godsend for farming and also new characters.
• Off-peak hours are generally better for farming, but not always. You aren’t the only person with the same idea.
• Invest in speed sets such as Jailbreaker (Minor expedition stacks with Major expedition), Fiord’s. Being Orc, having Steed mundus w/ full divine helps as well.
• If you have popular mats, sell now and buy them back later because the mats are currently inflated though they have been gradually coming down since the patch. Keep some if you feel that you may need them, but unload the rest. Conversely try to farm your own mats rather than buying them.
Farming Locations

There are plenty of great ESO gold farming locations in most zones for all three factions. You will find lots of raw materials in the starter zones.  All of the best farming spots and all gold making strategies are clearly laid out in This Guide

Trait items and learning them:

The rare trait items you will need aren’t readily available to you if you are at lower levels. The first thing you can do is to go the guild stores and buy inexpensive trait items. Lots of players either don’t know that they will sell at a high price or don’t want to use them so they sell them cheaper. Get yourself the ones you can get as inexpensive as you can.

Learn only one trait for each item at a time. The research time will go up for every trait that you learn so it is suggested that you only learn one trait per item at a time! Try to have one trait being learned in every item simultaneously since each time a trait is learned on any specific type of item, the research time will double.

You can lower your research times and begin to research 3 items at a time by getting all the research passives in your clothing skill line. You should also be deconstructing any items that you wont be researching. Increase your inspiration by banking items with a higher level alt and deconstruct them with your crafting character.

Racial Style Material

You will gain racial style materials from deconstructing items and believe it or not, if you check out the guild traders you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of racial materials being offered for a cheap price. Get them!

Crafting Material

Don’t spend your money on any raw materials since the cost is way too high! Buy only REFINED materials at the guild store. Use just the base materials such as Iron Ingots, Rawhide, Jute, etc. – they are less expensive to purchase and they take less per crafted item.

Eso Classes

Most MMO games require you to choose a class for your character. This choice is always very important because it sets a lot of restrictions for your future experience. Elder Scrolls Online also has a class system, but it is not so strict. Classes in ESO determine your basic skills. Does not matter what class you choose, you can use all weapons and armour types anyway. It is your choice what type of armour to use: heavy, light or medium leather. The same applies to weapons, you can wield any weapon and fight as you wish. So classes in ESO do not restrict you to only using a limited set of gear. They just set the general direction of your future development.

Class Rating Skill Trees
Aedric Spear
Dawn's Wrath
Resroring Light
Dragon Knight
Ardent Flame
Draconic Power
Earthen Heart
Storm Calling
Dark Magic
Daedric Summoning

Why it’s important to select a proper class? Because this choice determines your Class Skills and this choice is permanent. Templar, Nightblade, Sorcerer and Dragon Knight have different abilities and you will not be able to jump from Nightblade to Sorcerer.

What about archetypes? You can be Tank, Damage Dealer or Healer with any class! It’s one of the most important features of ESO. That’s because there are a lot of other skill lines: Weapon and Armor skills, Werewolf, Vampire and so on. Every player can use any weapon type and any armor. If you want to be a Tank you need to take Sword and Shield. This skill line has special abilities for increasing defense and survivability.

Don’t forget that there are also Champion Points for making your character ever more focused. For example Champion Points allow to increase defense, survivability and resistance even more and you will become much better tank.


Any Class in ESO is great for any role! That’s because there are a lot of other skill lines: Weapon and Armor skills, Werewolf, Vampire and so on. But each Class has its abilities and these abilities also have specialization. The list below demonstrates best classes for different archetypes if we don’t take into account weapon skills, armor skills and so on.

  • Melee Damage Dealer – Dragonknight, Nightblade, Templar
  • Ranged Damage Dealer – Nightblade (with bow) or Sorcerer (with staff)
  • Tank – Dragonknight or Templar
  • Healer – Templar
  • Rogue – Nightblade
  • Summoner – Sorcerer

Once again: any class can play any role! Recommendations above can make your gameplay easier and probably more enjoyable in the beginning. But these variants are not the only possible!

The tradition of all TES games is to allow the player to level up weapon mastery for any weapon type. ESO has the same system. As you level your weapon you will get new skills that will increase their efficiency. These skills will level independently from your normal class skills, and will change depending on the weapon you are currently using.

Health, Magicka and Stamina trees can also be found in ESO. All these pools depend on how you spend your attribute points. You can choose to Max out one attribute or balance several attributes. You are free to develop your own “build”. Such a system allows you to create a truly personal character with unique point distribution depending on your will and playing experience. Imagine the ability to create an axe wielding healer or stealth based mage. ESO opens up some interesting possibilities.

Your gameplay will most likely be affected by the way in which you spend your skill points. For example if you spend most of your points to increase Health you are developing your protagonist as a warrior or tank. If you prefer Stamina you will be a damage dealer. But the distribution is not strict and you can decide how to develop your character. For instance, if you are an avid PvP player you may wish to invest a lot of points in Health.

Is it possible to change your character’s class?

It isn't possible. You can't change the class. Your race, class and faction choices are permanent.

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